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After about a week, he asked me to do it. I went to the door, and turned and he had tears coming down his cheeks. My heart broke, and I returned, pulled the curtain shut, pulled down his sheet, and wrapped my hand around it. It only took a couple of strokes, when his semen flew out, and drenched his chest and stomach. In my life, Ive never seen a thing like it. I cleaned him up with a bath towel, and it was covered with it when I was done.

I threw it under my cart, and later dumped it in the laundry bin. As I pulled his sheet back up, he had a huge grin, and he thanked me over and over. There was nothing sexual about it for me, just my desire to help a kind boy. I am an attorney and will not say who I am or what Firm I work for but I have read this thread and there was an arguement earlier on lawsuits involving Doctors and patients. I specialize in these cases and can say they are not easy cases to win!

There is much emphasis placed on common sense in these cases and the consent of the patient. It is very difficult to argue on behalf of the Plantiff in a case where the patient is a male and has an erection during the exam. An erection in most cases is in response to positive sexual gratification. As I stated before in cases of male patients who obtain an erection during the offense, it makes it very difficult to win the case.

There has also been a question to how often such cases occur. During my experience specializing in these cases over the last 10 years I can say it happens very often. I handle myself about 50 cases a year. At the Firm I work for we have three attorney's handling these types of cases. So if you take into consideration how many cases my firm handles in a year, and we are not the only firm handling such cases. And then take into consideration the times it does not go reported you can get an idea of how often this occurs. This could be due to the fact there are more male doctors than female and that male victims do not wish to file suit.

I tend to believe that this probably did occur as it is very similar to cases I handle. He does not appear to go overboard on his description of the incident. The Doctor in this case did not follow protocol in reference using a glove and procedure. However, In this case you also have the patient who is a willing participant in the act. - Videos of hot girls in pantyhose and stockings.

What happens between two consenting adults does not become a violation of law if later one files a suit. Could the Doctor be repremanded or similar if her actions were to come out. Sure, But as for a successful lawsuit I don't think so. The burden of proof required in a civil suit requires that the plantiff prove their version of the facts is "More than likely" to be true.

Aroused by attractive nurses and female doctors If I am told by a nurse to get completely undressed and put on a "johnnie" gown for an exam or procedure, I sometimes become quite aroused. One time I needed to have a barium enema exam. The reasonably attractive female technologist had to take a few x-rays prior to the exam. As I was laying on my back on the x-ray table wearing nothing but the johnnie, she put her hands on my hips in order to position me correctly for the x-ray.

My penis became fully erect. She didn't seem to notice and then had me stand while she placed the x-ray head on my lower abdomen for another x-ray. What she didn't realize was that she was placing the x-ray head directly against my erection. I was too embarassed to tell her. She took the x-ray and then told me to wait a few minutes while the doctor checked out the films. Ten minutes later she came back in looking a little upset and told me that she needed to re-take one of the x-rays.

No surprise there! I have also become partially aroused when examined by a female Dermatologist. It was my first visit and the nurse told me that the doctor would need to check every inch of my skin. She did and I enjoyed it. I have a friend in the medical field and it is not unusaul for this to happen. It is not unusal for the opposite sex to get aroused in this situation.

Also I have a friend that is a massage therapist and this happens all the time As long as you don't do anything disrespectful or anything I think it is perfectly normal. I would be more than happy to dress up like a nurse and The other day I had my semi-annual "skin check" exam. This was my first visit to this particular female physician as my previous male doctor was no longer accepting my insurance plan. This new doctor was very thorough as she examined every inch of my skin from head to toe, including the genital area.

I did not get an erection, or even close, but I definitely enjoyed the experience. This woman came across as very kind and caring and asked me several times if I had any questions. Following the minute exam, she sat and chatted with me for another 5 minutes while I was sitting on the examination table totally naked - no gown, no underwear, nothing. She was clearly quite comfortable with this situation, as was I. Perhaps it is because she is originally from Europe where nudity is no big deal. In my view, if you are a heterosexual guy, and you have to go to a doctor, and you have to get naked, you might as well go to a woman doctor.

I don't understand why a heterosexual guy would WANT to be naked around another guy. Well, Biani, there are a few reasons. There is a fairly good chance the skin cancer will recur. Therefore, it is imperative that my skin be thoroughly checked by a Dermatologist every 6 months. If SOME doctor is going to run their fingers over my naked body, it might as well be a woman because It makes an otherwise dreary experience fun. By the way, my wife, who is also a patient of this doctor, referred me to her.

My female boss sent me to a clinic for an exam. She deliberatly set it up to have a woman doctor see me nude. My boss later told me she did this to teach me more respect for women. This is a tough ethical dillema and I'd like to start by stating that I feel the same way about wanted to be noticed by your nurse. Generally women often in my dealings seem to encourage this to a certain degree as I used to wear loose clothing and pajama pants to my chiropracto's appointment to have the same thing happen. On the day that I wore pajamas, probably the most revealing, she sort of threw in the comment "these appointments seem to get better and better everytime.

Another chiropractor said "we all want what we don't have" out of the blue just as she was flipping me over. I'm pretty sure she could sense I was marginally aroused and almost expected her to make things a bit sexual. As far as her becoming upset with your actions, you have to consider this a possibility, and not a probability. Not to mention I also know that a good deal of women appreciate being noticed. Of course it has to be in the right way and not come off as creepy or like grabby. Ever think to ask your wife to dress up like a nurse?

Seems obvious in this situation. You could even get a stethoscope and have her "exam" you. You know, though, I'm sure there are tons. Otherwise they wouldn't sell sexy nurse costumes at sex shops, right? One in six GPs thinks it is acceptable to have sex with one of their own patients, says the survey, while 48 per cent think it is OK to do so if the patient changes doctor.

Although there are very strict rules to prevent doctors exploiting those in their care, these findings suggest that many GPs would like to see the rules relaxed. The poll of doctors, carried out by GPs' magazine Pulse, shows that General Medical Council guidelines do not fit with the attitudes of practitioners. When asked whether they would support a doctor's relationship with a patient, so long as the patient moved practices, only 28 per cent said they would not, with nearly half saying that they would.

The GMC currently forbids doctors from having sexual relationships with their patients. It says that relationships with former patients are usually 'inappropriate' unless they arise from 'social contact'. Guidelines also prevent GPs from having sex with former patients if the patient could be considered 'vulnerable', or if 'the professional relationship is being abused'.

Dr Tony Grewal, a GP in west London, defended the right of doctors to start relationships with former patients. He said, 'An absolute ban on sexual relationships with patients or former patients is an unfair limitation on the right to pursue happiness for doctors and patients alike. Two per cent of those polled admitted to having had sex with a patient registered at their practice.

Embarasing ejaculation during doctor's exam. I just had an exam where i had to disrobe and stay naked. My wifes doctor and mine are the same. I was being checked for blood flow and possible missing blood anong with several other things. Laying on the table the nurse came in and did the usual bp and temp thing. Damm, another female with my dick out i'm hung about 10 inches too. She almost put the sleve on my penis, we both chuckled. The Dr came in and did the usual prostate exam which gave me an instant hard on. She then grabbed my testicales to check for bumps on them through my scrotum, yes I have oversized balls but she was through.

My erecton was at attention and she commented know she knew wht my wife was complaining about, She tried to lay it back on my stomach to ease the embarsement and it erupted all over. She gave it a good swueeze and had the nurse come in and clean it up. I now use ky jelly prescrivbed for my wife and her problem is solved. If you're a man and your female doctor wants to perform a very intimate examination on you, would you be worried something very embarrassing might happen to you?

In fact, I just had my first exam in too many years and I really have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the exam. I had just epilated like waxing - pulled out my pubic hair and was feeling pretty good about myself and how I looked. I asked my doctor for a testicular exam and she agreed. I removed my gown and stood naked in front of her while she got down on her knees to examine my testicles and penis. She was very gentle and thorough.

When she was finished, she got to her feet and tried to say something and look me in the eye, but she stammered a bit and looked away. I think she might have been embarrassed, perhaps forgetting she was a doctor for a minute. I took that as a compliment. I would much rather have her examine me than a male doctor. The most erotic experience of my life happened when I went in for a physical and got a young mids and achingly attractive female nurse practitioner.

She first had me remove all my clothes, except for my underwear. After the routine checks EENT, internal organs, etc. She first asked me if I've ever had a testicular and rectal exam, because "we're going to have to do that today. She then had me take off my underwear. I was now standing completely naked not even socks in front of her, feeling completely vulnerable but loving every minute of it.

On top of this surreal scenario, she appeared genuinely interested in my job and could not stop asking me questions about it. So we were having a casual conversation while she was fully clothed and I was gloriously nude. She pulled up a stool and sat in front of me while I was standing. My genitals were inches away from her face. She checked each testicle thoroughly and proceeded to check my penis, all the while having a conversation about my work.

It was weird, but in the most sensuous way. I was kind of glad that she stopped when she did because I was beginning to get aroused. That would have been embarrassing. After this long procedure which overall, I really did not want to end she had me turn around, and rest my elbows on the exam table. She went over to a side table to get some lube, and guess what--we're still talking about my job!

She inserted her finger in my rectum, and rolled it around to check for hemorrhoids. I started getting hard, but did not achieve a full erection. When she finished, I did my best to stay facing the table. Eventually, I had to turn, as she handed my a tissue to wipe the excess lube from my rectum. She watched me while doing this, while explaining some medical information that I no longer remember. Again, an erotic mini-episode in the context of the entire encounter. She then instructed me to dress, as she left the room. This whole she was professional, courteous, and cheerful. It was a highly erotic and unforgettable experience.

Unfortunately, I never saw her again. When I had a vasectomy I cringed at being touched by a male doctor and got no erection, just felt revulsion. However, as I was being prepped with myself and the female nurse only in the room I was quickly erect. She was just a couple years older than me and decent looking, both in our thirties. She's rubbing all over my testicles, moving my penis around, shaving me, etc. I jokingly commented and said, "I didn't expect this to be so fun.

I've had my share of ladies and I can tell you guys one thing, as long as you are not a weird little pervert, no female nurse or doctor will be bothered by your erection. In fact, they might think something is wrong with them if you don't get one! Now, go ahead and contradict this post, but let's be real gals, a man with an erection that you caused in any setting is a tad bit flattering in some way as long as he's not there with perverted intentions.

My advice guys, do what I did after this appt and find a lady urologist. It's a whole helluva lot better than going to a man. I've been to my female doctor two times and both times and, you guessed it, hard as a rock! She's younger than me and was not offended and I was not embarrassed. I just jokingly acknowledge my pleasure, she laughs about it, reassures, and that's it.

Lighten up and enjoy the feel up! I sorta wish we needed those yearly check ups like our wives get. You don't think women enjoy having their breasts touched by a gyno? Yeah, right. Being touched feels nice and not a thing wrong with it. Now those probes on the other hand Before last Thursday, I would not have believed you, BUT at my yearly physical, the physician's assistant I normally see, also a female, told me I needed a testicular exam and asked if I wanted to do it or if I'd prefer she did it.

I thought she was kidding so I told her I'd prefer she did it. She told me to slip out of my clothes and lie down on the examining table which I had done before. She then proceeded to grab my penis and lift it out of the way while she, with bare hands, started going over my scrotum and my testicles checking for anything unusual. I began to get an erection and she could tell I was getting nervous.

She told me to just relax that she thought nothing of it and she had seen me naked many times before. She was right, but then I became fully erect and felt like I was about to explode. She told me I looked like I needed some relief and she needed a sperm sample anyway so she proceeded to masturbate me to completion. After taking my sperm sample in a cup, she looked straight in the eye and asked if I had liked it. I told her I had and she tole me that that was the way she would perform my future exams if I preferred.

I looked her in the eye wondering what was going on with her, but she just had a smile on her face and bent over and kissed me. Believe me, I'm going to get all my exams done this way in the future unless she decides we need an internal endurance exam. That I will be really ready for. I wonder how my wife's doctor performs her physical exam. I actually hope it's as much fun as my last exam was. I had a woman NP give a prostate exam, behaved myself guite well actually. The weirdest thing I have ever encountered was going to a woman eye dr.

The hardest part is she has daughters the same age as mine, and all I could see when I looked at her was my finger massaging her p at that party way back when Carol is correct. My wife is a RN and the rules, are almost always when a male doctor and female patient are seen that it is recommended.

Now I have seen a variety of female doctors over the past 40 years in several different countries and states and not once has there been another person present, unless the doctor wants to consult with another specialist or there is an intern doing the exam. The only time I have had another person in the room while being examined by a female doctor was after hernia surgery and two beautiful something young women - one a surgeon and other an intern - who saw me post-surgery on a frequent basis for about 10 weeks after the surgery.

It was embarassing because every time they examined my groin and lower abdomen, I had a hard-on. Hard not too, even when my dick and balls were purple and swollen - with two gorgeous young women's faces inches from my dick and feeling of my balls and groin area monitoring the healing and reduction of the discoloration and swelling. They just laughed and smiled and reassured me that everything was working fine and would be back to normal soon - but warned me not to have any sex until they said so.

It's true, usually there is a female in the room when a male ob-gyn doc does an exam. However, I've had 4 female doctors that did physical exams with no one else but us in the room. They all flirted, but no hand jobs. Now, my dentist on the other hand! She and I always flirted, and she blew me one night when I was her last patient, and the receptionist went home sick.

We ended up dating for 3 years, and fucked in that dental chair about 20 times! I'd ask her out if I was you! She says that about half the time she goes she has an orgasm. The way she describes it, he will place his thumb on or near her clit while checking her labia and using a speculum.

She thinks it's her fault because she find him attractive and wants it. Several times she says she has moaned out loud and convulsed as she came and he obviously knew she was cumming. On one occasion he had most of his hand inside her as she came and he had trouble getting his hand out.

The last time she went and came, LOL she asked him if he was alright and if he needed help she couldn't say,'do you need a hand. She said he was breathless and had trouble answering her, but he said, "next time, okay? Erection during physical exam I was getting a physical last month, and my doctor did a full exam. Testicles, prostate, you name it. She was on a roller chair, sitting eye level to my exposed waist, and I got hard.

She was professional. Then asked me to turn around and bend over onto the table for the prostate. I am straight, but that feeling was tremendous. I got even harder and clamped around her finger. Then when she was done, she just sat up, and walked over and started to talk to me. There I was, hard as the day is long, and we had a 3 minute conversation about things. And I was naked. And hard. I finally asked if I could put my pants on I had to get a physical not long ago for my job and I went to my regular doctor's office but he was expanding and transferred my to one of his new colleagues.

Of course she was gorgeous with red hair and a body to kill for. I assumed that during the "cough" period of the exam she would do like my doctor does and put his gloved hand under my balls and look away while I coughed I felt my man start to rise and no matter how hard I tried he just kept coming up to say hi. I looked down at her, she looked up at me, gave me an innocent smile and then got up and wrote in my file while telling me I could pull my pants up. I appreciated her professionalism, it saved some embarassment for my body acting like a 14 year old. Sure, you can get "wet" but that would probably lost with all the lube they use during their exam.

Pretty easy to hide again, all assumption, not having been through it myself but with a man, there's no hiding it. Reminds me of another time, when I went to my doctor. I had told her of a burning situation thought it was an STD and she had me remove my pants and bam, I was hard again. She squeezed it, so as to get fluid out, and there was plenty of it. I dripped precum. It was like a foot long drip to the floor that held on and made like a long string. But MAN was that embarrassing. Total clinical setting, and I am coming across as highly excited. Physically I was, for sure, but mentally, I was crawling in a little hole to die!

I was talking to a friend of mine who is a nurse and and I was a bit worried about getting my first physical exam. I went to see my doctor and he had a med student on rotation who did my exam and she was very attractive. You could tell she was a little nervous when she asked me to lower my shorts as she sat the normal foot away. I did and watched her eyes for a reaction I kind of enjoyed that part. I think being through she massaged and pulled more than the male doctor until I started getting hard. I think it was one of her first times. I was in an Army hospital on Okinawa with a bad head wound in the sixties and after a few weeks the wash ups given by the nurses started giving me an erection.

The technique then was for the nurse to thump it really hard. That would usually embarrass me and it would go down. There was this one nurse who was sent from God, I think, because when she washed my privates she would wash and wash until I got a nut. Then she would clean up everything and whisper to me to not say anything or she'd be fired. Needless to say, I fell in love with that nurse. When they finally took off the bandages and I could see I discovered she was wearing wedding rings and there went my marriage plans. I ofter wonder if other nurses did the same for their patients.

I was 19 and getting a physical and shots to go over seas and of course when you need your DR they are on V-K the covering Dr was a young Native American woman who was stunningly beautiful. We get to the drop your pants part and she explains she normally works with women so be kind to would only be a few minutes With my pants on the chair and my Boxers at my ankles she starts to examine me never closely 10 inches or so from my waist the more she looks and checks the harder i get by the end of my exam im at "full mast" she ended the exam by saying "your girlfriend must like "me" very much now put it away please"She smiled and left the room When I was 24 I was in the hospital for a minor surgery just a few day stay and I was assigned a student nurse.

Everybody who came into my room, even vistors, had to wear a mask so I never saw her face even. But she gave me a sponge bath in the hospital bed. She kept my privates covered with a cloth while she washed the rest of me. I was already starting to get hard from the very beginning, but I managed to hold the head of my "little elvis" between my thighs before it was too late so at least I did not make a tent, even though I was raging hard.

However, after she finished with the rest of me, that cloth came off, and when she started washing the general area it sprang loose from between my thighs like a catapult. Then she actually held it in her hand while she washed around the groin area. When she finally started actually washing my little elvis itself, it shot a big load with such force that it actually hit on the wall behind my head and hit the intercom and buzzer thing.

When that happened all she said was "oh my My last physical exam I had was back in June. It was the first time I had a female doctor give me the exam. My previous doctor had retired and I was now seeing my new Female Doctor. She is in her mid 30's and is in great shape. Brunette and average looks. But her body is killer! Anyway I was a little nervous as I have not had a female check me out, but also turned on by her. When she started the exam she asked me to remove all my clothing which I thought was odd as usually I was asked to keep my underwear on until the end of the exam.

But I took everything off like she asked and stood there naked in front of her. I am confident in how I look as I workout religously and keep tan all year around. I also shave all my body hair as I hate body hair. Now up to this point the doctor has been very professional. On a couple of occasions she looked up at me and smiled. She never put on gloves like my old doctor did and it wasn't long and I was fully erect! She then asked me to turn around and bend over for the prostate exam.

But this time I got even hornier and harder. I was so hard I thought I was going to blow a nut. It seemed like she spent forever in there and then finally told me to turn around and she began to check my testicles. She grabbed a hold of my shaft and moved it to the side and then to the other while checking my testicles. I couldn't hold back any more the look on her face it was obvious she was having fun with me and I had to go for it.

I did it again and she then began to ever so slightly stroke my cock as she played with my testicles. It did not take long and I shot my wad all over her and the floor. My first shot went right in her face. She looked up at me and smiled and said "well, it looks like it is working just fine.

Everything looks good. She reassured me that I should not be aplogetic and not to be embarressed as it happens to many men during a physical. She was still smiling so I knew she was ok with what just happened. We finished up with some further talk about my physical and she was very professional there after. I can not wait to go back for my next years physical.

Reading these post here it sounds like this type of thing has happened to other people but not often. I had a friend who had something similar happen but nothing like what occured to me. Do others have similar experiences? It is important to note that a professional will follow specific protocol. For a complete physical, the patient should undress completely and wear a paper gown, nothing under it. I posted on a similar site because there is a lot of misinformation about what a complete physical, which should always include genital and rectal exams, entails. I do quite a number of athletic physicals, and yes, they are comprehensive.

But the genital and rectal exams are done last. The patient's modesty must be preserved. For example, say a 17 year old boy is having a physical exam and is accompanied by his father. My exam room has a curtain by the table. I pull it closed and ask the parent to stand behind it.

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The parent can hear us, so it's something of a chaperone, but the patient isn't exposed in an undignified way. Now, many on here have expressed concern over what happens during the genital and rectal exams. The gown is best removed. The patient stands and the examiner sits. With both hands gloved, feel each testicle. Lift the scrotum to check under it. Perform the hernia test next. Use two fingers and push up into the side of the scrotum. The man should cough hard.

This should be repeated on the other side too. Now examine the penis. If the man has foreskin, retract it to examine the urethral meatus. Squeeze the opening with both hands. Look closely for irritation or discharge. It is at this point that many young men begin to get an erection. It's normal. I tell them so and proceed with the exam.

With both hands, feel the entire length of the shaft. If the man is erect, it is a good idea to press more firmly on the shaft as the erection makes it difficult to feel plaque, ulceration, etc. Tell the patient that in a clear way. Next, have the patient bend over the table, legs apart. Change gloves and lubricate the index and middle finger. Two fingers allow greater precision to feel the prostate, and are not much more uncomfortable. Spread the cheeks and firmly insert both fingers well up into the rectum. Once you get to the prostate, press firmly on it so you feel it as entirely as possible.

Slowly withdraw the fingers and twist them as you do, so the entire rectal wall is palpated. Now, only if you suspect an std, either from clinical inspection or patient concern, have the patient face you again. With fresh gloves, inspect the penis again, this time to "milk" it for discharge. Milk it from base to glans at least three times and be sure to get a drop of discharge in a sterile beeker, to be sent to a lab.

Do not defer this exam due to an erection. Be very matter-of-fact even if "milking" an erect penis. It sounds embarassing, and probably is for the patient, but a professional demeanor is mandatory for the clinician. Allow the patient to dress, and then review the results of the exam. One final note: A professional will never comment on the size of a patient's genitals unless there is a specific question the patient has raised, developmental concerns, etc. Beyond that, there is never a need to comment. Young men appreciate knowing they are normal, so that word should be used during the exam.

I have a complete physical every year. My doctor is femaleI have been going to her for 15 years and she is wonderful. The exam always includes a thorough genital and complete rectal exam. When she does the rectal, I always get fully erect. She has told me more than once that this is quite normal. Not only is she a great doctor, but far better a lovely little female finger up your bum than some guy with huge hands. When she examines my cock and balls she is as gentle as can be.

I've been going to a female doctor for the last fifteen years. When I turned fifty she asked how my sex life was like usual. I told her fine and she asked if I could get an erection for her. She induced it by gently running a finger around the glans. As it became erect she held the shaft and gave it a squeeze, then said okay, all done.

The year after that she did it again. I asked her why she never did that before and she said at fifty it's standard procedure. She then went on to explain many men will not admit not being able to erect normally so instead of just asking she always checks at my age. I asked her what if they can't ejaculate. She laughed and said she takes their word about that. As you can see she has a very healthy attitude about sex.

She said not being able to perform sexually is a precursor to something much more vital. I feel lucky to have a thorough doctor. I needed a physical and moving to a new area, I didn't have a dr. My wife said just use my dr[a female] It is no big deal for her for she has examined many men. I made an appointment and went. When she ask me to lower my pants and shorts,I was dreading it for I had started to get an erection. She examined my penis by retacting the forskin all the way down and looking it all over. By the time she had finished with it I had a full erection.

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She examined my balls and cords next and than the hernia test. I ejaculated when she put pressure on it. Afterwards I said I was sorry that I got an erection and made a mess for them to clean up. She said it happens all the time and getting an erction helps her to retract the forskin. One of my friends is a nurses aid.

She is 34 so its no shock to her. She has to wash patients in bed sometimes and do back rubs and shaves some men down there, for surgeries. She said usually guys are embarassed and dont get hard. BUT sometimes a guy will get hard as she handles his penis and balls.

Even with her latex gloves on some guys just cant help it. When you see naked men all the time its really just routine. I am have just started as a RN and recently had a young man 25 who had just been involved in a minor accident. He was recovering and part of my job involved monitoring brusies on his left inner thigh.

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He was nude and I was applying a gel to one of the bruises the gel goes cold and he got fully erect. He tried to cover it up but I assured him It was ok. I couldn't help but stare it wa pretty big. He had precum starting to drip from the head of his dick and at that stage he noticed my staring I was very embarrassed he jokingly told me that it was all mine if I wanted it so I gave it a little lick and he moaned. I went to walk away being so shocked at what I had done but he pulled me back and at this stage my pussy was soaking my panties I licked the shaft and suckled on the head and next thing I know he is coming in my mouth I couldn't believe what I did but I still rub my clit to that memory : Up to this point, it had been a miserable experience.

But when I went back for that followup check, I was greeted not by the urologist but his physician's assistant, who is a woman. She is about 30 years old, plain in appearance and very professional and detached in her demeanor. But, still, she is a woman, and her exam technique is different than the doc's -- soft, warm hands, with a gentle touch. She asked if I had experienced any bleeding or discomfort. Then she asked me to drop my pants. As she handled my penis and gently probed the opening, I started to get erect.

When I got about half-hard, she stopped the overt examination and just rested my penis in her hand and watched as it continued to grow. I stammered an apology, but she said, "No, I'm glad to see everything is in good working order. Normally I would have to ask you to give us a call if you experienced trouble getting an erection, but you've answered the question. She said, "If you have trouble ejaculating, let us know.

I had to get a pre-employment physical at a clinic. The nurse practitioner was one of my neighbors and she asked if I was okay with her giving me the physical. I was puzzled why she would ask and I found out why she asked after I completed some strength, agility and coordination tests.

She told me to drop my pants for the hernia test. I wasn't expecting that test. So she gives me the test and then she starts fondling my balls and I started to get a little hard. I asked if that is another test and she says no. She asked if my wife and I still have regular sex. I told her no, my wife has lost interest is sex, and this physical is the closest thing I had to sex in some time.

So now I'm fully erect and she is stroking me. She said her situation at home is the same, her husband does not want sex. I told her I was going to cum and she grabs a towel and I shot into it. She removes her scrubs top and pushes the bottoms down and asks what do I think of her body. It was great, especially for her age, in her fifties a little younger than me. We have hooked up for full sex a few times, once in one of the examining rooms and meet occasionally for a quickie at lunch, usually just a bj or hj. We both agree that we still love our spouses and this is a purely physical relationship.

I examined a G. He just had some swelling but my examination needed extreme detail so he got a huge erection. He was in extreme pain during the examination and I was amazed at how he could have an erection. I told him to avoid tensing his muscles that went to his testicles and that they would naturally contract which could cause more pain. His girlfriend watched and she asked me if it would be ok to get it to go down.

I said what you do in his room is your business but do it quickly and without moving his testicles much to avoid muscle contraction. She later told me that she held his testicles gently and sucked it out, ha ha. The things a doctor has to put up with Went to female DR when in my mid 50's for a complete exam. First one with a female. After checking everything she said to drop my shorts[only thing I had on] she cheched my testicals and before she finished that I had gotten a full hardon. Next she checked for hernia and than a through exam of the penis.

I was having a hard time not ejactulating. Next she did a prostate exam and I lost it and came all over the front of the table. When she finished she said don't woory the nurse will clean it up. That is the only time I ever made a mess in a dr office. I have seen her every yr since and still get at least a partial erection I once got a hand job from a female acupuncturist. Said it was part of her treatment. She used some electrical device on a few of the needles and I was hard in seconds.

I wished I could have thrown my back out again so I could go back. Years later I now just realize she probably did that with all her patients so they would come back. Kind of like a masseuse. I have gone to the same nurse practisioner for 3 years. The last time she asked me if I would mind if a nurse trainee came in with her and got some practise on a male. I said fine and had everything done twice basically.

When it came time to do a hernia check and testicles I had an erection. The practisioner took it in stride but the trainee was quite flushed. My regular nurse told the trainee to get used to it,that a lot of the men she examines get erect. I enjoy her examinination by the way because she is thorough,gentle and takes her time. Erections in physicals aren't that common, but they do "pop up" every once in a while.

It is a perfectly normal reaction for a man to have, and his body is designed to react to touching. When it does happen, I don't comment, unless he is stammering out apologies. Then I reassure them it happens all the time it doesnt , and that it is perfectly normal it is , and that it shows that all the parts are working normally they are. Erection in front of a female doctor I have two female Drs my urologist and gastro so both get to see lots of me and will both do a dre.

The urologist also get to exam the male parts. The best part of that exam is when she sits on a stool with my penis at her eye level and she grasps the shaft in on hand and feel the testicles with the fingers of her other hand. I definitely am at least half hard during those exams.

Sometimes I am fully erect. I know the urologist sees it. It is pointed right at her. I try to make it noticeable for the gastro too but I don't think she always sees it. I was being examined by a female internist during our semi-annual conjoint exam. My penis is uncircumcised, with a long tight foreskin, that does not retract over the glans penis during erection. She asked our permission to bring about a discharge to determine if this would be a fertility problem.

The doctor injected my penis with papaverine, which caused me to have a full erection. She then spent time examining me with an erection, and then massaged my prostate while stroking me to ejaculation. She was satisfied that my strong contractions discharged the semen well past the foreskin. For the doctor and assistant, this all seemed pretty routine. For me, quite unique. This happen to me when I was about 23 years old. She was examining my testicles and I was trying to cover and hold the penis.

The doc was so cute lady of age about 34 or I could not hide the erection I got. But she continued her examinaton having a faint smile on her face. After the exam she patted on my back and said you have nothing wrong, young man, you are healthy as a buffalo. I have a really good looking NP who does my exams so before my last physical I took a Viagra about an hour before my appointment. She has me strip down to my boxers for the exam and does all the usual stuff above the waist first.

At that point, before she even touched me I became hard. She just smiled and continued and examined my scrotum and penis. I felt I was about ready to shoot my load and then she said she needs to do a quick prostate check and told me to lean over the end of the table. She inserted her finger up my rectum and started pressing on my prostate when suddenly I could not hold it and started ejaculating all over the exam table and floor. She quickly withdrew her finger and her face was beet red. I was red faced too, she handed me some paper towels and helped me clean up the mess.

Last time this happened was with a female urologist. She spent a long time examining my penis. I got hard. Her only comment was that I demonstrated that I didn't suffer any erectile dysfunction. Rosalyn, what your friend has told you coincides with my own experience. I have a long history of getting erections when being examined by my female MDs.

It has happened literally dozens of times even though I am in late middle age, and in front of five or six different women doctors. The first time it happened I was a bit embarrassed but ever since then I have been very impressed with the easy way my doctors treat the situation. Sometimes they ignore it, but more often they just smile and treat it as a normal, everyday event.


Which of course it is. I literally have no control over it, I am sure it does not affect them other than perhaps finding it amusing , and it is a quite natural occurrence. When I read on boards like this one men expressing fears of getting an erection in front of a female doctor, I want to counsel them that I doubt very much that their doctors will take offense and that the problem is in their head, not hers. My close friend is a female gp and she tells me this happens very often; so often, in fact, that she considers it pretty well normal in younger males at least so she isn't bothered at all by it.

However, what is funny - she says - is the reaction of the men themselves, especially those who get very embarrassed and try to laugh it off or who obviously get rather het up about it. She sometimes feels sorry for them. I expect most female doctors are used to this happening so the best thing is probably not to worry and maybe just a simple 'excuse me' Many years ago I had an older female doc who once was doing a very thorough prostate exam and I got hard as a rock. She just smiled at me and said "very nice.

I had this happen in real life, I got a erection while being catheterized by a female nurse in the emergency room. She acted as if nothing was wrong however I could here her and the other nurses obviously laughing in the hallways I declined blushing like crazy the whole time Do women doctors and clinicians enjoy examining male patients? I don't think the amount of time a woman takes during the exam indicates necessarily how interested she is or how much she is enjoying what she is doing. I think the best way to judge it is by her body language and facial expressions, and to a lesser degree what she says if she says anything that is, what a person says is more guarded.

That said, I have also had a few exams where the woman expressed a positive reaction to my erection -- like, that is a sign of good health, or, that makes it easier to do what I'm doing, and once, you have a handsome penis no kidding. And took her time with the exam. I think it all boils down to how comfortable the woman feels. There are many ways of going about it, but the more relaxed I feel and manage to convey somehow , the more open and comfortable the woman doctor seems to be.

I think this is good overall -- for the quality of her exam I mean -- and also provides a more honest reaction or expression of enjoyment on her part. Most women are heterosexual and so have a somewhat positive inclination to all adult males, as long as there is nothing turning her off. I prefer women doctors precisely because I can feel their appreciation of me, one way or another, and I am pretty sure some of it is because I am a man.

This is a slight tangent on the subject but I have read at BDSM sites that people in "caring" professions like teaching, counseling and medicine tend as a group to be the most attracted to sexual dominance, and that in the guest book of an upstate New York "fetish weekend" house the most common profession listed by male and female dominants is medicine!

My earliest erotic experience was having my rectal temperature taken by a pretty nurse - maybe I was just sensing her erotic enjoyment! I'm a 34 YO female nurse practitioner. I've been taking care of men since I started as an nurse's aide in high school. Personally I like a larger penis; if the man get's erect it's nicer. However, I like my job, and I have to hide the feelings and not do anything that might offend the patient. The difference between a normal penis exam and one where I'm taking my sweet time isn't going to be more than 15 seconds.

I have several female doctors. On a few occasions I have gotten an erection during an exam by a woman doctor and I would swear that I got some sexual vibes from the woman during some of them. Recommend it here. Cart Total items :. Your Shopping Cart. Continue to Checkout. Add Minutes. Add 69 Minutes. Remove item below from your cart? Failed to Load Remove Data.

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