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Scientists believe that populations living in Europe became lighter-skinned over time because pale skin absorbs more sunlight, which is required to produce enough vitamin D. The latest findings suggest pale skin may have emerged later, possibly when the advent of farming meant people were obtaining less vitamin D though dietary sources like oily fish. Cheddar Man would have lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, making sharp blades from flints for butchering animals, using antlers to whittle harpoons for spear fishing and carving bows and arrows.

Topics Genetics. Evolution Archaeology Anthropology Fossils Biology news. Reuse this content. One of the most divisive issues of the day centred on Catholic emancipation. Catholics had been barred from holding public office since the 17th Century but by these restrictions threatened civil strife.

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Some Tories, who had championed Wellington's appointment, were aghast at his support for the Roman Catholic Relief Act. One, the Earl of Winchilsea, was particularly vitriolic in his criticism and on 23 March the duke and the earl fought a duel on Battersea Fields. Both survived. Wellington had been willing to countenance Catholic Emancipation for the greater good, but parliamentary reform he could not stomach. As a soldier, Wellington had been famed for anticipating what lay "on the other side of the hill" but he lacked the same degree of political imagination.

Whig party leader Earl Grey led the calls for reform but Wellington would not budge. Out of step with the times, Wellington's popularity plummeted. He lost control of the House of Commons, his government unable to tread a path between the attacks from Ultra Tories and reformists. By November he had little option but to resign. Kitty was ill. As her health failed, Wellington re-discovered some affection for his wife. He kept vigil at her sickbed in Apsley House, London.

With Wellington at her side, Kitty ran a hand up his sleeve. He was still wearing the amulet she had gifted him decades before.

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On 24 April, she died. Of little comfort to her in life, Wellington had at least found some common ground with her before her death. How strange it was, that people could live together for half a lifetime, and only understand each other at the end. The issue of reform had continued to dominate the political agenda after Wellington's resignation.

Despite the collapse of his government, Wellington had continued to lead the charge against Grey's proposals for parliamentary reform. As his popularity continued to fall, the iron shutters he had installed on his house to protect his windows from the ire of the mob reinforced the image of the 'Iron Duke' refusing to move with the times. But in , with the country in deadlock, Wellington backed down for the sake of the country.

After persuading his supporters to stay away from Parliament, the Reform Bill finally passed. Even so, he was mobbed by an angry crowd on Waterloo Day.

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Wellington was almost 90 years old when he eventually retired from public life. Wellington had remained active in government, as foreign secretary and, latterly, a minister without portfolio. Approaching his ninth decade, Wellington finally retired from public life in Even then he retained his post as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, unable to step away completely from the public service to which he had devoted his life — servant of crown and country to the last. In death, the image of Wellington that people remembered was that of the war hero and conqueror of Napoleon.

In death the duke's divisive political legacy was forgotten. Wellington was the hero of Waterloo once more. On 18 November, Britain said goodbye to a hero of a bygone age.

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The nation united in a display of grief more extravagant than anything seen before. More than 1. Wellington may have been gone, but his reputation lived on. He was the greatest man this country ever produced, and the most devoted and loyal subject, and the staunchest supporter the Crown ever had. Presented by Amanda Vickery. This page is no longer being updated. BBC Iwonder. Wellington spent much of his childhood at Dangan Castle, Ireland.

I vow to God I don't know what I shall do with my awkward son Arthur. Eton College viewed from the river, painted in British troops attack the French during the Flanders Campaign. I learnt what one ought not to do; and that is always something! I have got pretty high up the tree since I came home. Around this time…. From: The story of British zoos. By God! That will do! From: A load of old balls: The story of rugby union.

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From: Florence Nightingale: Saving lives with statistics. Wellington's affairs were lampooned in the press. Publish and be damned! Whig leader Earl Grey led the charge for reform. An odd day to choose.

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Her trainer Bill Burgess, the second person ever to swim the channel, told her to quit when he thought she struggling too much to continue. When Ederle arrived the next year to try again at age 20, she was better prepared to follow the tides. Reformers argued that these suits were heavy and unsafe, but many women continued to wear them because skimpier suits were taboo, and possibly illegal. Gertrude Ederle, coated in grease, wades into the water on her way to becoming the first woman to swim the English Channel. Ederle completed the swim in a record-breaking 14 hours and 31 minutes.

Her support boat was packed with chicken legs, oranges and vegetable chicken soup to sustain her on her journey to from Cape Gris-Nez in France to Dover, England. Reporters also followed her by boat, turning her swim into an all-day media event. One journalist following her by boat was so eager to get his story in he jumped into the water and headed to the nearest pub to file it over the phone.

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  8. Ederle, meanwhile, was so exhausted she could barely lift herself up on the beach. She was all bruised. And also her tongue had swelled up so much because of the salt water, she could hardly speak.