9/11 Truther: The Fight for Peace, Justice and Accountability

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Marc Thiessen. Intelligence Matters. Bob Graham. The Commission. Philip Shenon. Stephen F. James Ridgeway. Right is Wrong. Arianna Huffington. One Percent Doctrine. Ron Suskind. The Next Wave. Catherine Herridge. My FBI. Louis J. The Fall of the House of Bush. Andrew Cockburn. Kill or Capture. Daniel Klaidman. The American Deep State. Peter Dale Scott. America at Night. Larry J. The Terror Factory. Trevor Aaronson. Securing the City. Christopher Dickey. Crush the Cell. Michael A. Amy Goodman. Enemies Within. Matt Apuzzo. Find, Fix, Finish. Aki Peritz. Kevin Fenton. Paul J. Mark Danner.

The Exception to the Rulers. Richard Miniter. The Story. Judith Miller. How the Left Swiftboated America. John Gibson. One Day in History: September 11, Rodney P. Denial and Deception. Melissa Boyle Mahle. By His Own Rules. Bradley Graham. Cheney One on One. James Rosen. Gray Lady Down. William McGowan. Shadow Warriors. Kenneth R. Very simply, they disgust me. To me, a true 'debunking' is when someone like me says Statement A, and a 'debunker'' shows Statements B and C which shows that Statement A is incorrect or never happened.

In my opinion, they have failed to do this with my article. In it, I asked three simple questions. I figured these questions were no-brainers for anyone paying attention. I debated Pat on this very topic. I thought I won the debate. Here are his answers see screenshot : At the end of the movie, I ask that you decide whether or not they sound like honest answers.

Well, do they? Speaking of his debate with Curley, Gold writes, "More often than not, even though they are shown to be wrong, a 'debunker' will continue to repeat the same arguments so I pretty much had them memorized. A prime example is that debunkers will still use talking points after they have been refuted by the official reports!

This is either due to just not being informed or it's intentional and in many cases I find it very hard to believe they are unaware of the information. They must prove us wrong at all costs and thus conceding anything is out of the question. This is also true of some individuals in the truth movement, but I contend it is not as widespread because many of us do concede points to debunkers.

“9/11 Truther: The Fight for Peace, Justice and Accountability”

As Gold writes: I despise "debunkers" because of their obvious agendas and because they are just some of the most nasty people you would ever want to meet. However, I do look at what they say. We study them, assess them. Fortunately they can all be answered without too much trouble. The answers are available to any who is willing to look. NORAD did not stand down. This was an unprecidented attack, and as I keep saying I actually know what i am talking about when it comes to aircraft, unlike most here, and without special alert in expectation of such an event there is no way that any of those aircraft would have been intercepted other than by pure luck.

Aren't we all getting a little ahead of ourselves here? The programme isn't even on for another two days! Let's wait to see what it says before we either say "This programme is an absolute disgrace" or "I applaud the BBC for this inquisition". I think it's creepy to mix personal feelings with belief in conpiracies in the conspiracy test. Especially to give a result on the final score without analysing the answers.

Does the general tone of many of these comments make you wonder if this programme was a good idea? Like many of my friends, family and colleagues, and presumably many BBC TV staff, I switched on my TV on the afternoon of Sept 11th and watched, horrified, the live broadcast of the second aircraft hitting the WTC and the later collapse of the building and deaths of hundreds of people.

Everyone, including thousands of media professionals in the US and elsewhere, saw and knew what happened at the time beyond any reasonable doubt. By pretending to investigate these "conspiracy theories" you are effectively indulging an unfortunate alliance of the gullible, the ill educated , the mentally disturbed and those with more sinister motives who would like to foment anti American feeling in this country. The BBC should be ashamed of promoting this garbage and encouraging the beliefs of the unhinged minority who are sadly well represented on this thread.

The NIST pancake collapse theories are plausible, but not supported by the visual evidence. When the N tower collapses the radio mast fixed to the core of the building starts to fall first. This suggests there must have been explosives located near the cores near the level where the plane crashed. The explosives need only be the size of a few fridges or filing cabinets, easily introduced by a small team of people. Who were these people?

Why have they not been invistigated? No flying skills were required to hit the targets, only the skills needed to enter the relevant co-ordinates into the flight computers. I remain extremely sceptical of the 'offical story' and congratulate the BBC on undertaking this project. No Doubt in 20 to 30 years time the truth will surface And we the public will all go.. For all those here simply to try and debunk these theories - why the hell are you here? The program hasn't been aired yet and alreay you are whinging.

If it's not your cup of tea, then don't watch it. Anyhow, it would appear, from listening to interviews with Alex Jones, Craig Bartman and Jason Bermas that the program was not particularly interested in hearing what they had to say. It was more a case of demanding that they defend some of the wilder theories that arwe being pushed no planes, Israeli citizens being forewarned etc.

So you haven't spoken to Dr Steven Jones, hmm, one suspects this show to be as accurate as the official report. Err Mike how exactly did you get this job? I hold hope that i won't have to post 'hmm bbc whitewash Yes, the "conspiracy test" clearly illustrates the mindset of the BBC In truth, governments have been lying to their people throughout history.

To believe otherwise is foolish. Evil men hold positions of power in every country around the world. We have seen their corruption, lies and propoganda exposed time and time again Simon Ward, how is it an insult to the people who died? I know that has been stated up and down in the mainstream media, but explain to me exactly how saying it was caused by someone else, or for other purposes insults the victims? I just cannot see how.

The people who are already roundly condemning the BBC for making a "sick" programme have not read to the bottom of Rudin's original post - indeed he argues that information on the internet is being misquoted. The BBC is not presenting the conspiracy theories at face value which would be disturbing and alarming. Rather, they are engendering and furthering debate by trying to get to the bottom of the issue.

The vast majority of people around the globe today believe it was Muslim terrorists, led by al-Quaeda, that masterminded these attacks. In , the vast majority of people believed Iraq had WMD. Which does pose a problem in itself. Finally, in the majority of people chose to believe that it was Communists that set fire to the Reichstag. Hitler directly benefited. But in all these cases, it is what the majority of people choose to believe that prevails. But is important - just as with any historical event - that there is debate.

It is indeed emotive, yes. The debate arises from fluctuations in opinion. Long may it continue. To Simon Ward. Surely funding the BBC is much cheaper than the funding of the Iraq war. I feel the same way about that as you do about the BBC. Let's not congratulate BBC yet. Most likely this will be a whitewash and there will be the usually strawman arguments.

Let's face it: BBC, along with others news corporations around the world, have not done their job. Rather they merely serve as propoganda organs. You easily dismiss any "conspiracy theory" because you just assume that "it's too big to keep secret" but there's a really big flaw with your thinking. By your logic, there would be no way the Sicilian Mafia, the Russian Mob, the Japanese Yakuza or any other criminal organization could continue to operate. Organized Drug cartels could not operate for years, decades, centuries.

Yet they do, and all while the full force and authority of dozens of legitimate governments' law enforcement and military are hot on their tails using every power at their disposal to find them, "smoke 'em out" and shut them down. Besides, even the official story is nothing more than a "conspiracy theory" -- It is a theory because it has never been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, with evidence, nor in a court of law, and 19 people deciding to hijack airplanes constitutes the textbook legal definition of conspiracy.

People think for themselves and there not listening to the crap anymore. If you believe that you will believe anything. Please take the time to think for yourself. Look at what people in the truth movement are trying to tell you. Innocent people are dying everyday because of this ever since that day.

Your next if you dont wise up! And when it does Lies cant be kept forever! When the noblest pursuit is that of truth, I seriously question anyone who uses subversive tactics to impede that path. It is also very telling that they project the very things that they accuse everyone else of being. When we are being told what to think, that's the sign of a cult. Governments give up the right to be believed and trusted when they are caught lying over and over again. Is wanting the truth really that threatening? Seems a lot of debunkers get on here and complain about evidence not being complete to prove "conspiracy theories" but what they are not noticing is that the same evidence they are quoting is of the same or less value, so therefore not solid as well.

The government's story as to what happened is no more complete than the "conspiracy theories" that you are trying to debunk here. For every expert that says one thing there is another that says the opposite, and in that means questions have not been answered with solid evidence on either side, which means what?

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It means we should re-investigate everything, unless people are just ok with believing thier government on big issues but double thinking and complaining about them lying on small issues. And as far as this "hit" piece about to be unveiled I guarantee it gets debunked and the movement exposes the benefactors as well as thier motives with this.

That is all. Lets put it this way. If I had a theory that your mother was selling child pornography and drugs to your younger sister. Would you take me seriously and still expect your mother to like or trust you, after you both found out I had no evidence? The BBC by making a program that no serious broadcaster should, is giving reasons to believe that the United States government has deliberately murdered thousands of its own citizens in order to start a world war. If any of you nutters really do believe any such thing, I sugest you have "issues" that require the help of a doctor.

If you are so sure of your sanity. I would leave this planet if I was you, because your paranoia must make this world seem a very dangerous place indead. Remember the molten metal in the basement of the WTC? It was so hot that it melted the shoes of the site workers for 2 weeks! Wake up people! We won't be fooled again!

Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories - Mick West

For Mr. Morgan, and anyone else who absolutely refuses to accept the truth Even a fraction of the evidince out there should be enough to tell you that the official story is a lie, in regards to The people at BBC will do what they're told, plain and simple, just like fox, cnn, nbc and the rest. I sat on the fence a long time about this issue.

My tin foil hat is frayed at the edges. The planes hit the buildings at the upper levels. Don't listen to the talking heads find out for yourself. That's a fact not an opinion. Not one person was held accountable for anything. How anyone can believe the "official" story is mind boggling to me. It's like a house of cards Let's stop this nonsense talk about proof and debunking.

No one is going to disprove the official story. No one is going to disprove an alternate theory. All the science that is involved here can do is show that a theory is possible, and there are always ways to shift around some fringe areas of a theory to make something possible. What should be focused on are the major points that are most tenable taken in a wider context. For example, why squabble over what the coroner said when the Flight 93 crash isn't even necessary to an alternative theory and when there are loads of better supported data?

Why not approach this rationally and only look at the strongest claims that skeptics make? For example, it is clear that there is a history of government use of terror. Once this broader context is established, then look at how the official investigation was conducted. According to family members of the victims of , the Commission was grossly compromised. On top of all that, even US airline pilots have evidence that there are severe holes in the claim that a plane hit the Pentagon.

Ok, now that we know the broader context and this specific investigation's faults, what would be the most tenable claims of the skeptics of ? It seems there is foreknowledge of the attacks already outlined in Press for Truth , Building 7 which wasn't hit by a plane and has all the signs of a controlled demolition as we are all familiar with , and there are war games that are a telltale sign of a cover-up Demonstrated by Terror Storm. Also, Dick Cheney, completely without any sort of precedent, had control of NORAD and ran those drills, which is highly suspicious considering how Norman Minetta claimed that Cheney told the scrambled jets to stand down.

Now we have a broader view of what's going on here and haven't stooped to attacked straw men such as what the coroner said, no planes, space beams, and other fringe or unsupported issues. I can only hope that this BBC documentary takes these foundational criticisms seriously and doesn't resort to "proving the official story" or "debunking alternative theories". All we can do in the end is look at all the evidence and say which theory is more likely than the rest. Which theories account for all of the most relevant data?

So far from what I have seen, it is most certainly not the official story, and this is coming from someone who used to ridicule conspiracies and voted for Bush in the last election. I would also like to add that an argument from the psychological benefits for a conspiracy theorist, or any theory, is a weak form of argument The strongest being those that actually address the actual DATA.

Not only is it false that a government run operation like provides comfort to those that hold such a theory, the very same argument can be used against those that adhere to the official story; For it is the subscribers of the official story that have the most to lose psychologically if they have to admit that those that run the government would do such a thing. I, however, will not stoop to vague psychological theories that side step data. I'm just noting the ambiguity of its use.

A Very Good Author. The towers were brought down, as was WTC Douglas Herman. The people who are asking these questions are the people who are not getting any answers. There is pleanty of evidence that the government is withholding and not letting out that would easily clear up this mess. In regards to the plane crash at the Pentagon, why are the video tapes from the businesses not released to the public?

They would easily clear up whether it was a plane or a missle. And for the fact of the matter with the video the Pentagon released you cant see any defining characteristics of a plane or a missle. It solves nothing. The Twin Towers were something of a miss for me as well.

When the towers were falling the first thought that came to mind was, "Why are they falling down straight? To this day the stories that they shill out to the public seem no more plausible to me now than they did back then, and that's because there have been no real answers. I hope people stop researching the history of the Military-Industrial Complex I'll lose customers.

Read a little history. Arthur Schopenhauer stated, "Truth passes through three statges; first, it is ridiculed; next, it is violently opposed; and finally, it is self evident. We are in the second stage of of Schopenhauer's prophetic quote. Cognitive dissonance is a necessary element in the awakening of society at large.

William Blum, Renowned U.S. Foreign Policy Critic, Dead at 85

The BBC, even in the happenstance of a "hit piece," has done it's part. The advent of the internet with it's unfiltered news has caused this conspiracy to be exposed in quick fashion. This would not happen in China today. My son was born on that fateful day. I spent duty time at Ground Zero shortly thereafter state police. I want him to know that I did my part in restoring the Republic that this great nation once was. Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, " There is no den in the wide world to hide a rogue. Commit a crime and the earth is made of glass. Commit a crime, and it seems as if a coat of snow fell on the ground, such as reveals in the woods the track of every partridge, and fox, and squirrel,".

The second jet that hit the second tower struck diagonally through a corner of the building and as you can see in the video, a tremedous fireball erupts to the outside thus burning off most of the fuel. That building could not have been heated as much as the first buliding yet it disintegrated into fine dust like the other one did. By the way, how many of you have ever had your steel fireplace grate melt or distort and collapse after several hours of red hot burning coals direct heat? Bush says the "terrorists" attacked us because they hate our freedom.

So what does he do? He introduces the Patriot Act to restrict our freedom yet our southern border with Mexico is still wide open to this day. And why wasn't Bush wisked away from that Florida school when the secret service knew that the second plane had struck the towers. If Osama was so smart that he could completely bamboozle the greatest military defenses in the world, he certainly could have watched CNN that morning, learned of Bush's itinerary, and dircted a high-jacked Cessna into the school. It's amazing how by blowing up a couple of buildings you can decieve the whole world into believing that the attacks were instigated by someone operating out of a cave in Afghanistan.

Perfect excuse to have a bogus War On Terror. It's like Hitler said the bigger the lie the more people will believe it! With any conspiracy ask yourself who benefits and also follow the money? Insider trading on leads back to the CIA. Did anyone notice how they where blaming Osama before the second tower collapsed. This was a setup from the beginning. A psychological operation and the first great hoax of the 21st century! If you want proof the towers were demolished then just watch all the footage on that day. And the smoking gun is the time it took for the towers to fall which was at freefall speed, which requires explosives.

And then there's building 7 just suddenly collapsing later that day. The wealth of evidence contradicting the official version is simply overwhelming! Im sure this program will be an attempt by the BBC to confuse and muddy the waters like all good counter intelligence intends and to label those that question the offical conspiracy theory which it is as paranoid conspiracy nutters who dare to break loose from the herd and question our media guided reality? I will not be expecting anything new or good on the BBC this Sunday!

Wake up to the truth people. I come from a country that largely suffered from a completely fabricated image CNN and BBCmost than others portrayed in order to justify bombings and murderings of civilian population and years of economic sanctions in which thousands perished from sickness and famine. AT the time, it was incredible to us to watch what was being said about us and yet know that it is a complete bag of lies and fabrications.

The question we asked was "WHY? I dont see why would killing a thousand people or so be an obstacle for earning billions out of a war alone. I just cant comprehend how can the rest of humanity refuse to acknowledge what is staring them right in the face. It is sickening but real and present and becoming more and more radical and more and more dangerous. We have to wake up. I thought to my self how would it be possible for the government to cover this up something this big, I thought about how many people would be needed to cover up and execute the plan Then I thought about how How Harry S.

Truman kept the Manhattan project secret from the entire nation for years, and even from his Vice president. That involved a heck of alot more people. You have to believe that three steel and concrete buildings fell down primarly from fire on the same day when it has never happend even once before.

You have to believe that all three buildings fell at almost free fall speed meeting little to know resistance from the support structures on the way down. You have to believe that the Secret Service failed in executing routine procedure in protecting the President by letting him sit in a school reading my pet goat knowing the nation was under attack. You have to believe that It was fluke George W. Bush Ok'd Invasion plans of Afghanistan on Sept.

You have to believe that The removal of authority for Generals to issue shoot down orders of hijacked civilian aircraft was taken away in August by coincidence. You have to believe that The President and Vice President were both accidentally removed from the Chain of command just long enough for the two trade center buildings and the Pentagon to be attacked.

I could go on. These are things You can't find suspicious if you are to believe the official story.

BBC - The Editors: 9/11 questions

Many people in high standing current and former U. The victims families, that had to work soooo hard to get an investigation in the first place, are working harder than ever to get a real, independent one. We can all have theories hypotheses, more accurately about what actually happened that day.

Nobody knows what happened for sure, we know that and everyone who is not blindly ignorant knows that. The truth movement has set its sights on a truly independent investigation; how that is unpatriotic, harmful to the families, or the work of an unhealthy mind, I do not know. Hopefully programs like this will serve to educate the people on what really happened that day. Ya'll know that WTC7 fell down, right?

It was not hit by a plane, but it collapsed. Now I don't mean tipped over to the side or fell down in chunks. It fell right into its own basement, methodically, purposefully. Anyone ever see what happens to a building when it falls down from something OTHER than controlled demolition? Look at the photos from earthquakes, or from any other natural disaster that can knock a steel-framed building to the ground. You'll have to look hard, because there are not many, if any.

They caught us off-guard with this, and we all need to understand that. If you truly use your open mind and view what little evidence is left after that day, you'll be surprised. But don't expect it to be easy. It took me two weeks of hard, introspective thought to come to the conclusion that I had been lied to. It's pain and suffering, almost like when one becomes an atheist. It kinda sucks, even now, but the truth is paramount.

I want everyone to know that. I have spent a lot of my life in recent months looking into the claims made by the official story, and looking at those claims in a logical and un-emotional fashion. Logic is something that is easy to achieve for any human some require practice , but after reading the official accounts it is difficult to keep emotion out of the picutre.

Steel in "plane-proof" buildings would not melt or give way, until it reached melting point. Fires burning at very high temperatures produce light coloured smoke. Cool, oxygen starved fires produce dark black smoke. Which did you see on the morning of 11th September ? I have had quite a lot of fire training and I can tell you that fire does not melt steel, or cause it to become unstable unless the melting point is close or reached. How do I know this? Look at all the buildings with steel frames that had much higher fires and did not collapse.

Further, the Underwriters that produced the steel for the WTC buildings sacked the man that spoke out against the official account! Why would they have done that? Stop being so blind as to believe eveything your Government s tell you, that is exactly how the Communists in Soviet Russia wanted their people to behave. It is how the Communists in China operate. Read Orwell's Why is there an implication that if you do this sort of research, you have some sort of mental afflicion? I have a healthy life, healthy relationships, and I'm not "mentally afflicted" as is being implied by this program and its makers.

Look at the claimed "facts", then look at all the possibilities, then do a Sherlock Holmes. Eliminate the impossible. Whatever remains, no matter how improbable is the truth. That's what we should ask now. We pay the licence fees. Demand answers. Why was Alex Jones not allowed to discuss operation Northwoods? Why did you waste considerable time focusing on Frank Spotnitz the producer of the X Files , when you have ignored and disregarded legitimate questions?

Why was there no focus on the emergency workers at who heard explosions in the building? Why no focus on building 7? Why no focus on all the evidence from the twin towers being shipped to foreign shores within a day or two? Why no focus on why Dick Cheny told a military employee to stand down any jet fighter interception. And these questions are just the tip.

Your show will just show that the BBC is not capable of reporting what is happening in this world. A sad day. When in the hell did it become unacceptable to want to know the truth? That in itself is terrifying. I totally agree with a point made earlier that all conspiracy theories cannot be lumped together to be either dismissed or given weight, rather the evidence or lack of in each case needs to be examined.

This process is simply a quest for the truth and I don't see how that can ever be an unhealthy thing. It was never presented. Instead a very public myth has been rammed into minds, created by a hand picked commission. The first choice to lead this commission was Henry Kissinger, anybody remember him. That aside, the report lays blame with the government drawing the charge of neglect and complacency. Can anybody tell me which governmental heads rolled for this? I thought not. The truth movement yearns for peace not global conflict, endless wars, big brother states and racial tension.

Peel back state sponsored terror and realise there are clear reasons for the world of chaos in which we live and these reasons are not the over simplified rants of puppet leaders such as Blair and Bush. You only have to look at history to find examples of similar lies and deceptions. Its called propaganda and we are all subjects to is power. We have to change our perceptions of the world and stop ignoring the fact that in a world of plenty, the elite holds the wealth and reigns of power while using fear and systems of economic control ensuring the people are kept in line.

History also points out the good men and women of the past and present who challege these are silenced, ridiculed and murdered. Well, Lets see what this program has in store for us Many people here seem to be missing the big picture. The US government, evil as it is, is not in charge of things. Also visit www. I have considered all of these allegations long before your hit piece came out.

Being honest with myself I have already considered these things after all you have to know where you will be attacked next. I have not seen a program yet that gets experts on to debate the questions of presented at the top of this article. You have also left out may of the documentaries which expose the press for the government front men they have become being owned by 7 major corporations. Check out some of the free videos on the information war going on in the new century at question dot COM.

This is most likely going to be a hit piece. I'm sure it will lump in the vast majority of rational, sane, truth seekers, people who simply want an independent investigation into the events of that day with the loons that think that it was the Lizard Queen and her ilk. Be prepared for some trumped up shrink explaining that we all suffer from some mild psycological problems because we are still able to maintain a healthy skeptism when being fed infomation from the MSM. The conspiracy is the conspiracy theory!

The most effective way to debunk any questionable government activity is to just label it a conspiracy - the masses have been conditioned to switch off and dismiss whatever these 'nutters' have to say. Why is it that the first few posts on this strand i. I am very pleased the BBC has decieded to to try to tackle this subject. As a member of the public we expect to see honest reporting of worldwide events. The TV and newspapers that are the main source to get that information. But what i and most people are realising is the internet is a invaluable source for exchanginging and sourcing every type of information and media instantly.

A look into history further shows this is not the first time this has happened either. Can I suggest that we focus on just a couple of facts surrounding Building seven came tumbling down in a very neat pile, without being hit. Sometimes, I think we British think that "dots" are are all a part of a random pattern that are sown in a confused tapestry of life! Any one trying to connect them is a conspiracy theorist and we don't believe in conspiracies, do we? Considering that I pay for my licence, I think the least the BBC shoud do is run a fair and balanced expose on If, according to propaganda matrix.

The conspiracy theorists are falling victim to some very poor logic. Let me try to summarize some of it. The government wanted to invade Iraq and so they devised a complex and massive scheme that would have to involve hundreds if not thousands of government officials, military, and civilians cooperating to plan, carry out, and keep the operation secret. This overly complex plan is somehow carried out to perfection.

The governement then frames Al Queda - an Islamist organization based in Afghanistan, instead of the target, Iraq, a relatively secular state that is obviously not in Afghanistan. The conspiracy theories seem to require the government to be both incredibly inept and stupid and incredibly well organised and brilliant at the same time. I just hope this documentary is an un-edited and balanced example of investigative journalism when it airs. To all the single minded sheep out there.

Stop going on about the victims families. Most of them do not believe the offical view either. It is easy for us to sit in our armchairs with our remote controls, sucking up the controlled media. We the researchers spend our time reviewing the evidence. I am shocked at how many people here are not buying the official story! Shocked and absolutely heartened. Then the argument will be over, we will know what happened and we can figure out what to do from there. Attacking those who don't believe the official story does nothing productive. Join the movement so all the questions can be anwered!

The BBC, as well as the other mainstream media outlets need to realize that they are not investigating the questions may people have with regards to the war on terror. Check out the facts and do your own research and you will come to this conclusion. The ongoing polarisation of the population to the Right and the Left while our politicians scramble for the "middle ground". Roll on the civil war. Well personally i will reserve judgement on this programme until ive seen it.

I would however hope that the producers came to the correct conclusion that there was no conspiracy. I worked in Manhattan, but that day by chance I was home in Brooklyn readying for a a. I was one of the lucky ones. The only person I'm aware of knowing personally walked out of Cantor Fitzgerald in Tower 1 at that morning.

Everyone he worked with and knew was kileed, over people in that one company. We Americans desperately need the international media to give this a fair look. Please do not turn this into a hit piece. We get enough grief and attacks as it is just talking about this.

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Could any collapse completely atomize all the steel, concrete, aluminum, office furniture, computers, HVAC systems, and worst of all, people into a fine dust? Why won't they show us one of the hundreds of videos clearly showing Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon? Who placed the thousands of put options on American, United, Morgan Stanley, Lockheed, Boeing in the three days before ?

Why didn't Bush get up and leave the moment he knew it was a terrorist attack? Why didn't the Secret Service drag him out of there by his elbows? Just try to answer those questions. That would be a fair way to look at the whole "conspiracy" issue. We ask all the time. Now you ask, and answer if you can.