Fun Family Games For Easter (Making Easter Easy Book 1)

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Have you ever made Resurrection Rolls before? We make them every year and the kids love them!

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These would be more appropriate for home use unless your Sunday School class has access to an oven , but as one of my very favorite Christian Easter activities, they definitely deserve a spot on this list! Talk about a yummy way to learn! This free printables set offers 17 cute, fun and free coloring and activities pages designed to help teach your children about Jesus and Easter, all while they are having fun coloring!

36 Fun & Easy Easter Crafts For Kids - No Time For Flash Cards

Need even more? Coffee with Us 3 has some really cute Easter Printables. Or you could check out their Countdown to Easter printable — that looks really fun too. You can also cut out and tape on clothes or cut out a green paper square with fringe to place your bunny popping out of grass!


Try creating a whole bunny family for imaginative playtime. This cool craft for kids uses leftover household objects. Use up those extra plastic spoons from Easter lunch and have an egg-cellent time! Kids can play peek-a-boo with their own clothespin Easter craft that reveals a baby chick inside an Easter egg! This craft activity for kids takes a few minutes to make but offers endless fun long after the holiday is over.

Cut an egg shape out of glitter craft foam, about inches long. Then make a zig-zag cut across the middle, to create two halves. With the egg together, flip it over.

How to Play these Easter Games

Line up your clothespin to the back of the egg and glue it in place. Cut out a small square from craft foam, and glue it to the bottom piece of the clothespin, on the back. Then glue your chick to the foam piece. When you flip your clothespin over, you should be able to open it and reveal the chick inside! Try making your clothespin chick and eggs in multiple colors. This Easter craft for kids will catch the sun and display it in brilliant colors throughout your home!

Kids as young as two or three can do most of the work.

40+ Simple Easter Crafts for Kids

Make sure to cover your table with paper or a cloth, as this kid craft can get messy! Cut out Easter shapes from the card stock paper, such as an egg, a bunny face with ears, and a baby chick. Then cut out the inside of each shape, leaving a one-inch outline.

Tape or glue wax paper to each shape and trim the excess. Cut out triangles from the tissue paper. Put the glue or Mod Podge onto the wax paper, place the triangles down, and then cover the triangles with more glue or Mod Podge. When the shape is covered, leave it to dry for hours. Punch a hole at the top and loop string through for hanging. This colorful craft is a perfect home decoration to celebrate Easter!

Family Time Holidays. Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

40+ Simple Easter Crafts for Kids

Along with these Easter crafts, try some of these fun family activities: Take a spring walk. Dye Easter eggs. Watch an Easter parade in your community. Plant flowers or start a garden. Hold an egg and spoon race. Winner gets a chocolate bunny!

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Go on an Easter egg hunt. You can create your own in the backyard.

Christian Easter Crafts for Sunday School and Home

Make an Easter basket for the Easter Bunny. We have tons of fun uses for all of those plastic eggs too. Easter Game 1: Stacking egg halves. How many towers can you make? Who can make the tallest tower?

25 Cute and Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter Game 2: Standing eggs. How many eggs can you get to stand up straight on their bottoms? Easter Game 3: Straw transfer. Hold the straw to an egg piece and suck in your breathe! How many can you pick up and transfer to a cup? Easter Game 4: Matching halves.

How quickly can you put the eggs back together? How many can you do in the minute. Match colors or just the tops to bottoms. Easter Game 5: Egg relay. Put one basket across the room and provide spoons to relay the eggs from basket to the next. Easter Game 6: Easter egg transfer. How many eggs can you transfer with a set of toms from basket to the other?