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Sam Schipani Feb 5, 0. Homesteading off the grid takes a lot of bravery. It takes even more bravery when you do it in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness. Photo by Mark Zeiger Mark Zeiger lives with his wife and daughter on self-sufficient, off-the-grid … Read more Sam Schipani Jan 29, 0.


A Day of Homestead Living

Photo by Lauren Dibble Lauren Dibble was at the lowest point of her life: living at home, going through a messy divorce, working unfulfilling temp jobs and shuttling between doctors to try and diagnose a mysterious illness. She needed a … Read more Sam Schipani Jan 23, 0. When Harold Thornbro was undergoing treatment for colon cancer, he was inspired to completely change his life. Homesteading, for him, was the path forward.

Photo by Harold Thornbro For some homesteaders, growing and eating healthy … Read more Sam Schipani Jan 21, 0. Traister, whose full first name is Liron, served in the Israeli army as a fitness instructor for two years until a whirlwind romance … Read more Sam Schipani Jan 16, 0. Teri Page always loved to teach people how to get better in touch with the world around them. For years, she taught marine biology and led youth backpacking trips in the National Parks.

Photo by Teri Page Page and her husband, … Read more Sam Schipani Jan 15, 0. Nothing makes daily chores go by faster than having an interesting podcast playing in the background. Even better, homesteading podcasts will keep you entertained while inspiring you to think about your next projects. A podcast is … Read more Sam Schipani Jan 11, 0. A brush with death forces you to take stock of your life.

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After cancer, Kerrie Hubbard decided to take control over what she consumed by growing it herself. Sam Schipani Jan 9, 0.

Many homesteaders wait for the perfect conditions -- enough land, enough time and the right location -- to start their homesteading journey. I save money on travel because I truly love being right where I am. However, travel is not completely out of the question. Good honey-years allow some traveling money. And that brings us to the biggie: health! Health is the main reason that people, my age, give for having to work well past retirement age.

Who can afford health care insurance? Who can afford it?! Even the new Affordable Care Act, premiums are still too expensive for some folks.

If I continued to work in the high-stress environment I and most Americans worked in, I would get sick! I suffer from inordinately good health, so I had no priors and am on no medications. I know, ridiculous. Many people my age have chronic illness and may truly have to continue in jobs they hate to provide themselves with health care. I cannot counsel anyone to forgo health insurance or to avoid traditional healthcare providers, BUT think about this: according to a Journal of American Medical Association article, at least one-third of deaths are caused by medical care: procedures, drugs, or infections contracted in the hospital.

When You Get the Homestead Life You Wanted

So I avoid medical doctors at all costs. Old age runs in my family. Do I get lonely? That said, getting to live alone and enjoy my own company for the majority of the time has made me really appreciate my friends and family when I do see them. They are fellow human beings, and, for the most part, I believe they are doing the best they can. Age has made me less judgmental and more appreciative of differences.

The first year after losing my job, I was at loose ends. The job ended in October and the winter months left me asea. I volunteered at the local historical archives that month, cleaning old documents of coal dust and restoring them to be filed. I sat at a long table with other volunteers chatting, laughing, and cleaning—it was soothing salve to my soul.

Now, if I feel lonely, I realize that I need to extend myself. I need to call and invite someone over for a meal, a walk, or an inexpensive outing. I have one friend who likes to do projects with me. A huge advantage of growing your own food is that you almost always have food to share. We have always had a fabulous time, and after receiving such bounty from my humble abode, reciprocal invitations come flying in the rest of the winter months!

Homesteading is different for each of us, young or old. Like me, some of you are beginning in town, learning new skills, starting right where you are while making your living as you must, dreaming of the day you can leave that job and run your own homestead. It only works for those of us who truly love the work of it. Young people have more energy and strength that they can bring to the effort. Older people maybe more financially established to support their late start. One day, I will not be able to work this small piece of ground.

I would love to do as women did in the old days when the dowager widow maintained her home and the next generation built a new home, farmed, and inherited the land.

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My children are urbanites right now, but who knows? I have an older friend who makes his living from his blueberry farm. He has no children and has much more acreage than he can use. He has invited seven others some single, some coupled, most much younger to come homestead on his land. He will stay in his home until he dies and each of these friends will inherit 20 or so acres from him.

Instead of flesh-and-blood kin, he has created kin-of-spirit, kindred spirits. I LOVE this article. I am 61 years old and handling homesteading the same way you are. Contrary to popular belief, 60 is not old and discrepant. Rock on fellow homesteader, independent woman and rugged individualist!

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However: i keep going, i deliver meals on wheels to older folks and still try to keep active. I own I always have had hope and these ladies just keep me motivated to do it yet. I kayak, ride a motorcycle and build things that i need …I built the cabinets in my kitchen, because i needed more space, so lower and uppers i built. What a good article. Us older people can do this and get great enjoyment out of this lifestyle. I wish I had neighbors like you living next to my 24 acres. I worked hard and had 2 jobs just like you. I even traveled and moved around from Ohio to Florida and now in Missouri.

Life is Good since I enjoy the simple things Thank You. Thanks for the great article! At 71, I still work, and just recently moved off my homestead to be closer to my greatgrandson who was born with some health issues…this way I can take him to his therapy sessions. I miss the country right now, no gardening allowed where I am living.

The homestead life can consume you.

My son and his girlfriend are now in my country house on 22 acres. Although I wish to be out there, I am realistic enough to know that I am unable to keep it up sufficiently. Blessings on you for your strength and resiliance! You give me inspiration to start my dream at What all do you do to make money for your homestead? Is it just bees?

I have considered doing several things many baskets to make ends meet. Bee keeping, soap making, goats, etc. Any recommendations?