The Guild: Part 1 (Dave Wotcha)

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Layman writes the book while Rob Guillory does the art. This is great news! Tennant is an interesting choice for Mason Savoy, who is the mentor turned villain of the piece. He lives in a world where bird meat is illegal following a world wide bird flu epidemic.

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His cases span the full range of law enforcement though he officially works for the FDA. He loves comics, movies, tv shows. When it comes to comics his first loves are independents and small publishers. Feel free to drop him a note anytime at chuck whatchareading. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. What's Happening at What'cha Reading? Reader, it did not! A fortifying start. I had fun retyping that.

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Seattle-area folks, you can donate books to prisons and other under-served communities via Seattle7Writers Pocket Libraries program. That night, the celebration continued at the Helen Gordon Davis Center for Women, a beautiful old mansion a mile away from the convention center. There were many, many readings. I am a rube for not remember which biographer was mentioned, so here are five of them!

There is so much more to write…! Sneak preview: there will be blood. Photo courtesy of Daniel A. I swear, there were more people here.

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Today is full of treats. There will be wine and treats.

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Poems are tuning forks. They pull me closer to the unknowable. Paintings helped me grope through the dark of my first draft of Daughters of the Air. When I was just starting to write seriously, I fetishized notebooks—and, like an eight-year-old—stickers. I preferred black, hard-backed notebooks with graph paper that forced my writing into small, neat boxes.

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My favorite treat was popping into a stationary store in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, to buy a cheap book of Dover Art Stickers depicting famous paintings by Michelangelo, Kahlo, Goya, and the like. And, my next novel features an artist. And, many of my essays engage with art in one way or another, like this one on Goya, in the Los Angeles Review of Books. Have a listen right here. Cannon Beach, OR is definitely high on my list of fairy tale-ish places. Sunday, February 18, 10 am-2 pm at Literary Arts. Bring lunch! Register here.

David Tennant joins Felicia Day and Steven Yeun – Chew Animated Feature!

Monday, March 5, pm at StoryStudio Chicago. Subscribe to my newsletter here. You can check out previous newsletters here. Past highlights include pictures of ponies, fruit pyramids, giants, and odd winged creatures.

Not ashamed to admit I have hugged this book case…more than once. Makes me want hug a bookcase. Here is an excerpt:. Only Le Guin bothers to write coming-of-age stories with such attention to each word… Daughters of the Air is well worth reading. Beyond its singular blend of myth and magic, its potent and poetic language announces a worthy new voice in, if I can call it this, the literature of the melting pot.

You can buy the issue here. Wassily Kandinski [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

Choose a horrific moment in history you know little about, in a country, Argentina, you know little about, but which seems to have troubling similarities to the here and now. Research for years. Images from the Dirty War sear into your mind. In other news, I made a handy-dandy card with all of my upcoming out-of-Seattle readings as always everything is on my appearances page.