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The feline has new robotic legs similar to the implants given to the astronaut character in the s TV series The Six Million Dollar Man. Lukas Bates, 26, discovered Steve trying to crawl across a busy bypass in Wainscott, Kent, with his legs badly broken. Kind-hearted Lukas interrupted his journey to work and scooped the desperate cat up in his arms before taking him to Medway City Veterinary Centre in Strood, Kent. They arranged for an experienced vet, Hilary Lathrope, to operate on the feline to rebuild his leg for free at a practice in Orpington, East London.

In reality, they are simply a paramilitary criminal organization looking to make their mark. But Austin doesn't want to get back into that kind of life, worrying about who's going to shoot him in the back next. Besides, he has something else on his mind these days: his son. Austin has a son named Michael Austin whom he abandoned, along with his mother, Karen a long time ago.

Michael's mother died when he was six, and he went to live with Austin's sister-in-law, Mary.

Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman

Later, Michael joined the Air Force: and will soon graduate from basic flight training. Austin has decided he wants to become a part of Michael's life again, if he will have him. Austin tells Goldman about how he's decided to meet Michael at a restaurant on the pier, where his boat is docked. Austin now owns a boat named Summer Maiden — a reference to his former sweetheart Jaime Sommers — which he uses to do chartered trips and earn a living.

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Goldman then decides to play matchmaker with Austin and Sommers. He knows Austin still loves her, even though he won't admit it. Goldman makes sure Sommers is in the restaurant that night. When Austin arrives at the restaurant, Sommers is upset to see him.

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It turns out she received a concussion on her last mission for the OSI. When she woke up, Sommers remembered everything she had forgotten since the incident when she rejected her bionics — the day she almost died. So she remembers being in love with Austin, and can't handle the emotions right now. Not to mention she blames Austin for the death of Chris Williams — a fellow agent, and lover — on that last mission. Sommers ends up throwing Austin through the restaurant's front window, in anger. Just then Michael shows up, cracking a joke about "using the front door next time" at seeing his father lying amongst the broken glass shards.

Just when Austin thinks things can't get any worse that night: he ends up upsetting Michael at the end of their conversation. Michael wants Austin to be there on his graduation day, when he does a solo flight in a fighter jet to prove his skill: but Austin isn't sure if he wants to come.

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Austin ends up kicking himself, figuratively, for totally screwing up the evening. Goldman talks to Sommers the next day, asking her to stop blaming Austin for Chris Williams' death, and to give him a chance. Goldman tells Sommers that Austin still loves her, and he is guilty enough for the both of them, for not helping Sommers and Williams in their time of need. Sommers decides to get to know Austin all over again, now. Meanwhile, Fortress has decided that one of their goals is to capture either Austin or Sommers in order to learn about bionics.

They try to capture both of them, but fail. Austin ends up rescuing Sommers from being kidnapped, and they come to talk about their feelings. The two make up, and want to start a new relationship. Steve invites Jaime to be at Michael's graduation. When that day comes, Michael does his flight: as Austin, Sommers, and Goldman watch.

Unfortunately, something goes horribly wrong with Michael's plane.

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It could be sabotage — Fortress seeking retribution against Austin. It was Austin who put him behind bars ten years ago. But now that he has escaped from prison, Austin is enemy number one on his list. Michael Austin ejects from the crippled jet, but it's too late. He is severely wounded in the crash. Now Steve Austin is really upset and angry. He decides to make a deal with Goldman. Since the series is long gone, reading these might be mildly entertaining but I would recommend it only to those who crave nostalgia and even to them I would just suggest TVLand. The trouble with the books is they lack the attractiveness that was the lovely Lindsay Wagner and therefore do not have her spark.

My Grade: C-. Tell us what you think of the series. Give your grade and comments. Hello, Guest Sign In Register. As she starts out, however, she finds that her grasp of the powers of her cybernetics is not complete. Her worry is that they will fail her at the worst moment.

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Small revolutionary jetpacks can give soldiers incredible maneuverability and a definite advantage in the case of war. As a result, the number of people wanting to steal the technology is great.

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  7. Jaime is given the job of special protection during the next round of testing. A collection of 2 short stories, 3 comic stories, 3 non-fiction articles, 3 games and 1 feature biography as well as number of photos and illustrations. Contest are as follows; The Short Stories are; 1. Hijacked 2. Kidnappers Strike! The Heavy Mob 3. Bionic - yesterday's dreams Seeing Is Not Believing 3. Anything You Can Do Race Against Time 2.

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    The Bionic Woman Quiz 3. Back To The O. Base The Feature is; 1.

    The Six Million Dollar Man

    Also, Austin has troubles with his grown son especially after the younger man is injured in a crash and Austin must decide whether to request bionics. Steve Austin, who is providing security at a Goodwill Games, is initially suspected and joins with Jaime to find out who is behind it. They ask for the help of a new bionic operative, Kate. Meanwhile terrorists are holding an old friend of Austin and he is determined to get him back. Jaime Sommers is not inclined to let him. Three stories: 1 Kidnappers Strike!