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French postcard in the series 'Les Cordier, juge et flic - Le collection officielle' by U. Collections, Photo: Corbis. Her co-star was Georg Alexander. German postcard by Ross Verlag, no. Photo: Messter Film. The lottery's main award is a fancy touring car and 20, Marks. At the same time writer Dr. Erich Fuld Georg Alexander visits his new possession, an old castle. The next morning Wanda's new alarm doesn't go off, so in haste Wanda bumps onto Fuld on a street corner, who likes her and follows her.

Wanda bursts into tears when her boss at the store, herr Paetz Jakob Tiedtke , reprimands her, but Paetz then falls in love with her, promising her a life of luxury. Offended she waves the lottery ticket, telling him that soon she'll manage on her own.

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During a visit to Erich's castle with her friends, Erich jokingly manages to tie Wanda up to some old folter instrument. She offers her lottery ticket as ransom, but instead he steals her a kiss. Once freed she gives him a mighty slap in return. One day she hears she has won the lottery and that the car is just outside, but she gets the car only on the condition that she also overtakes a chauffeur for three months, until the car is ready. Of course Erich is the driver.

After a party in an inn with her friends, Erich pretends a breakdown on the road back and goes for help. While he is away, masked bandits - Erich's servants, in fact - assault Wanda. Erich saves her and leads her with his car 'ins Blaue' into the blue, meaning where chance will lead them. Genia Nikolaieva Russian-born ballet dancer and actress Genia Nikolaieva — worked in the Germany cinema during the s.

German postcard by Gabor Hirsch, Frankfurt. Photo: Gabor Hirsch. Collection: Didier Hanson. This card was in Nikolaieva's suitcase full of personal documents, including her passport. After her death, her friend and will curator sold it to Didier. Photo: Atelier Marion, Berlin. Her parents moved to Berlin where she took ballet lessons. In she had her first professional dance performance. They successfully appeared at dance evenings and variety shows with their popular and well-established repertoire. Nikolaieva also started a film career. It was the last film that Henry Koster directed in Berlin before having to leave due to Nazis.

He left Berlin, having knocked out an SS officer, one day before filming was finished on the film.

Wie verhält sich ein verliebter Mann? Anzeichen die du beachten musst

The Nazis removed his name from the credits and substituted the name of Hasse Preiss , the lyricist. Photo: Otto Kurt Vogelsang, Berlin. Photo: Ufa. Emo, with Hans Moser. In she emigrated to the United States. She was German collectors card by Eckstein, no.

Photo: Jacobi. German collectors card by Eckstein-Halpaus, Dresden, Gruppe 4, no. Photo: Alex Binder.

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The American actor, singer, and author portrayed boy-next-door marines, cowboys and swoon-bait sweethearts in dozens of films, and had a huge hit with the song Young Love In the meanwhile he hid his homosexuality and his relationship with film star Anthony Perkins.

When his career faded during the s, he starred in Italy in Spaghetti Westerns. In the s Hunter returned opposite Divine in the camp classics Polyester and Lust in the Dust Tab Hunter was British postcard in the Picturegoer series, London, no. D Photo: R. Spanish postcard by Archivo Bermejo, no. Photo: Warner Bros. Dutch postcard by Int. Filmpers IFP , Amsterdam, no. Vintage postcard, no. He was the son of Gertrude Gelien and Charles Kelm. Hunter's father was an abusive man and within a few years of his birth, his parents divorced and his mother moved with her two sons to California.

As a teenager, Hunter was a figure skater, competing in both singles and pairs. He joined the U. Coast Guard at the age of 15, lying about his age to enlist. He was eventually discharged when the age deception was revealed. Returning home, his life-long passion for horseback riding led to a job with a riding academy. He was given the stage name Tab Hunter by his first agent, Henry Willson. With no previous experience Tab made his first, albeit minor, film debut in the racially trenchant drama The Lawless Joseph Losey, starring Gail Russell.

His fetching handsomeness and trim, athletic physique landed him a role in the British production Saturday Island Stuart Heisler, opposite Linda Darnell.


His shirt remained off for a good portion of the film, which certainly did not go unnoticed, and he was signed by Warner Bros. In the film based on the Leon Uris novel, Hunter has an affair with an older woman Dorothy Malone , but ends up marrying the girl next door Mona Freeman. In September , the tabloid magazine Confidential reported Hunter's arrest following an L. Surprisingly this article had no negative effect on Hunter's career.

Hunter, James Dean , and Natalie Wood were the last of the actors placed under exclusive studio contract to Warner Bros. Another hit record was Ninety-Nine Ways , which peaked at His success prompted Jack L. Warner to enforce the actor's contract with the Warner Bros. He established Warner Bros.


Records specifically for Hunter. Hunter was Warner Bros. Dutch postcard by Gebr. Spanjersberg N. Photo: London Records. Photo: Warner Bros Pictures. Vintage card. German postcard by ISV, no. Spoofing his old clean-cut image Tab Hunter's failure to win the role of Tony in the film adaptation of West Side Story Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise, prompted him to agree to star in a weekly television sitcom.

In , prior to the program's debut, he was arrested by the police for allegedly beating his dog Fritz. The neighbour who initiated the charges had done so for spite when Hunter declined her repeated invitations to dinner, and he was acquitted by the jury. The Tab Hunter Show had moderate ratings and was cancelled after one season. Following the film comedy The Pleasure of His Company George Seaton, opposite Debbie Reynolds , the quality of his films fell off drastically during the s.

His career was revived in the s, when he spoofed his old clean-cut image by appearing opposite Divine in the camp classics Polyester John Waters, and Lust in the Dust Paul Bartel, , which Hunter also co-produced. He then played Mr. Stewart, the substitute teacher in Grease 2 Patricia Birch, , who sang Reproduction. Hunter had a major role in the horror film Cameron's Closet Armand Mastroianni, He also wrote, co-produced and starred in Dark Horse David Hemmings, In the book, Hunter acknowledged that he was gay, confirming rumours that had circulated since the height of his fame.

According to William L. Hamilton of The New York Times , detailed reports about Hunter's alleged romances with close friends Debbie Reynolds and Natalie Wood , were strictly the fodder of studio publicity departments. Hunter had a long-term relationship with actor Anthony Perkins and shorter flings with dancer Rudolf Nureyev and champion figure skater Ronnie Robertson , before settling down with his partner of over 30 years, Allan Glaser.

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Trailer for Damn Yankees Source: Tab Hunter YouTube. Trailer Polyester Source: Night of the Trailers YouTube. Trailer Tab Hunter Confidential Source: Vanity Fair YouTube. Gianluca Grignani Italian singer-songwriter Gianluca Grignani was a teen idol during the s. He also starred in the film Branchie Writing songs in his room Gianluca Grignani was born in in Milan, Italy in He was raised by his mother and with the help of his uncle he learned to play the guitar. Grignani began writing songs in his room.

He moved to London at the age of 17 and made contacts with several musicians, but returned to Italy several years later. His musical career took off after meeting guitarist and producer Massimo Luca.

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After Grignani performed at the Festival de San Remo, he released the acoustic ballad La mia storia tra le dita. In , the handsome Grignani had his breakthrough with the album Destinazione Paradiso , which sold two million copies within a year, and for which he was awarded the Telegatto award.

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La mia storia tra le dita became a hit in several Latin American and European countries. His debut did not lead to more films, but from then on he focused on his career as a singer-songwriter. In , he married Francesca Dall'Olio. They have four children. Italian postcard by TV Stelle. Suzy Delair Lively French entertainer Suzy Delair starred in many different films and was also famous in France as the singer of popular songs as Avec son Tra-la-la.

Photo: Lucienne Chevert. French postcard by Editions O. Photo: Studio Harcourt. French postcard by Editions du Globe, Paris, no. Dutch postcard, no. AX Photo: Unifrance Film.

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The prototype of the sexy cheeky French lady Suzanne Pierrette Delaire was born in , in Paris as the daughter of a seamstress and a saddleshop owner. Her first job was as an apprentice for milliner Suzanne Talbot , but Delaire dreamed of the theatre. As a teenager she started playing bit parts in films and on stage. She had her first success in the music-halls and appeared in the cabaret of Suzy Solidor and the revue of Mistinquett. In this mystery thriller, she played cabaret singer Mila Malou, the unbearable girlfriend of the protagonist, inspector Wens Pierre Fresnay.

And he put a cross next to my name. The next time he came to the show, he waited for me at the exit, and we went for a drink. And that lasted for 12 years. In this classic thriller, Delair played the frivolous music-hall singer Jenny L'Amour who is prepared to do anything to become famous, and makes thus her poor husband Bernard Blier insanely jealous. With this great part she emerged to international stardom. She was a seductive, stunningly attractive actress with a natural acting style. Sadly, Delair and Clouzot separated and after their successes together, the rest of her film career seems a bit disappointing.

However, there are some exceptions. French postcard, no. Track Listing. Ring Frei Zur Nachsten Runde. Peter Muller. Sein Bestes Pferd. Martin Lauer. Franz Beckenbauer. Bisschen Gluck In Liebe. Radi Radenkovic. Immer Wenn Es Schneit. Toni Sailer. Ich Nagle Meine Schuhe an. Jens-Uwe Beyer.

Rot Sind Die Rosen. Die Herals. Susi Du Bist Prima. Bubi Scholz. In Einer Nacht In Taormina. Carl Kaufmann. Gehste Weg. Sorry Little Baby. Ich Bin Kein Eskimo. Marika Kilius. Die Borussia Elf. Deine Schonen Blauen Augen. Manfred Schnelldorfer. Charly Dorfel. Auf Die Beine Kommt Es an.

Tagaus Tagein So Happy Together.