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Stopping smoking makes exercise easier and improves breathing after a few weeks. Months after you stop smoking, your health continues to improve. By this point, coughing, wheezing and breathing problems caused by the harmful chemicals in smoke are reduced as your lungs repair. Smoking damages the lining of the arteries, and causes a fatty substances known as atheroma to narrow the arteries.

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UK Edition. US Edition. Log in using your social network account. Please enter a valid password. Keep me logged in. Try Independent Minds free for 1 month See the options. Getty Images. No Smoking Day: How your body changes minutes after you quit. You can form your own view. Subscribe now. Shape Created with Sketch. Health news in pictures Show all Researchers in the US claim to have overcome one of the major hurdles to cultivating human follicles from stem cells. The new system allows cells to grow in a structured tuft and emerge from the skin.

Exposure to air from traffic-clogged streets could leave women with fewer years to have children, a study has found. Italian researchers found women living in the most polluted areas were three times more likely to show signs they were running low on eggs than those who lived in cleaner surroundings, potentially triggering an earlier menopause. A study in the journal Scientific Reports suggests that a dose of nature of just two hours a week is associated with better health and psychological wellbeing. Junk food adverts on TV and online could be banned before 9pm as part of Government plans to fight the "epidemic" of childhood obesity.

Plans for the new watershed have been put out for public consultation in a bid to combat the growing crisis, the Department of Health and Social Care DHSC said. On migrating from Africa around 70, years ago, humans bumped into the neanderthals of Eurasia. While humans were weak to the diseases of the new lands, breeding with the resident neanderthals made for a better equipped immune system.

The breath biopsy device is designed to detect cancer hallmarks in molecules exhaled by patients.

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By their 10th birthdy, children have on average already eaten more sugar than the recommended amount for an 18 year old. The average 10 year old consumes the equivalent to 13 sugar cubes a day, 8 more than is recommended. While there is not enough evidence of harm to recommend UK-wide limits on screen use, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health have advised that children should avoid screens for an hour before bed time to avoid disrupting their sleep.

How Quitting Smoking Has Changed My Life

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has found that many elderly people are taking daily aspirin to little or no avail. A study by the University of Minnesota's Masonic Cancer Centre has found that the carcinogenic chemicals formaldehyde, acrolein, and methylglyoxal are present in the saliva of E-cigarette users. Obesity is a leading cause. The majority of antidepressants are ineffective and may be unsafe, for children and teenager with major depression, experts have warned. In what is the most comprehensive comparison of 14 commonly prescribed antidepressant drugs to date, researchers found that only one brand was more effective at relieving symptoms of depression than a placebo.

Another popular drug, venlafaxine, was shown increase the risk users engaging in suicidal thoughts and attempts at suicide. I am confident I will find someone who will make me feel happy and loved. Saying the affirmation in the present tense is important because your subconscious mind will work to turn the positive intention into reality; hence, rewiring your brain faster. Affirmations increase your self-awareness. Through repetition the new thoughts replace the old ones, becoming ingrained in your mind.

With enough practice, you can change your belief system. This technique is helpful with addiction, such as the smoking example mentioned above. When it comes to change, your brain needs to get on board first, and then over time your body will follow. Fun fact: According to a study published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin , practicing affirmations helps you perform better in the workplace. Participants who repeatedly reminded themselves of their job strengths performed with more confidence under pressure in their work environments.

In other words, if your imagination is vivid enough, you can trick your brain into experiencing the positive emotions that go along with a positive memory or mental image. Ask yourself: What images align with achieving your goal? Be as specific as you can and try to get as many senses involved as possible. Smell, taste, sound, touch, whatever you can - the point is to completely immerse yourself in the visualization so it feels as real as possible. Abigail Brenner, M. Visualizations bring clarity to your dreams. The more positive visualizations we have, the more positive thoughts we have, which will ultimately lead to positive behavior.

Everything is surrounded by the meaning we give it. Think back to a time when you feel angry or upset.

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When you think about it, you most likely feel negative emotions. To transform your negative emotions to positive, you reframe the situation. You have the freedom to explore new options, and you have emerged from this hardship as a stronger, better version of yourself. By shifting your focus and changing your perspective, you will be feel more at peace.

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers - Terrie: Teenager Ad

In one study , researchers examined a group of nursing and midwifery students who were separated into two groups. NLP training was given in five 2-hour sessions and the groups were analyzed. This NLP technique involves connecting a positive emotion or thought to a specific phrase or gesture. This trains your brain to associate the positive feeling with the phrase or gesture. First, think about what emotion you want to experience. Do you want to be more confident? I am calm.

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Repeat every day until eventually you can say the anchoring phrase or clench your fist and your mood shifts to happy, calm, or confident almost instantly. Repetition is everything. The more you practice these techniques, the more they will become ingrained in your mind. When you think, feel, visualize and act in accordance with your intention you will break the cycle of negative habits.

Most importantly, remember these techniques are simply tools. You have to continuously put the work in to experience the positive effects. In order to change, you have to truly want to change. More specifically, you can use your sense of smell as an anchoring technique. When he closes a sale and experiences the incredible feeling that comes with success, he takes a whiff of his essential oil inhaler to anchor in that positive emotional state.

Are you ready to create positive lasting change? Follow these NLP tips and watch how it transforms your life.