What Is a Reformed Church?

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We do our best to serve our community: we serve a weekly community dinner on Thursdays from PM and started the Breaking Free Center, where people in our community can find support addressing their hurts, hang-ups and habits. Jesus calls us to grow and that requires that we change. We invite you to join us in that journey! More and more, people want to experience, and even participate in, the Christian faith before signing on.

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You can explore the Reformed Church of Bushkill at one of our two worship services. We worship at AM each Sunday morning. This is our largest service — our band plays at this service. We do a very similar service on Sunday evenings at 7 PM. Our evening service is quieter, however. Sunday School is at on Sunday mornings. We have classes for kids from age 3 through high school. We also have a class for adults.

In addition to this opportunity for adult discipleship, we have a lot of small groups — we call them Growth Groups — that meet throughout the week. Most of the Growth Groups discuss the Scripture lesson that we read in Sunday worship. We have all sorts of other things going on which you can read about as you look a little more thoroughly at our web site. But you can only sit for a little while! Our church has discovered that Jesus calls each of us into ministry. Jesus had a bunch of people called disciples whom He had gathered around Him.

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Christian Reformed Church Beliefs

Disciple simply means one who comes to experience and learn life at the hand of a master. Then, after He had been raised, Jesus told those same disciples to go into the world and make more disciples, with the help of the Holy Spirit. This, then, is the job of the Christian church: to help God make disciples.

This is also the task of every human being who walks this planet: to experience and learn the life of the Kingdom of God - to more fully become disciples of Jesus Christ. You don't simply become a disciple. Rather, you become a disciple. You can become a Christian pretty quickly, and many people do. In doing so, we make Christ the be-all and end-all of our lives and our salvation is assured. To become a disciple, though, is a lifelong process.

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  • Our church feels God calling us to help Him make disciples, people who gradually know, follow, experience, then know more, follow further and experience more deeply the way of God. There are Growth Groups led by trained leaders meeting in several locations and at various times sponsored by the Reformed Church of Bushkill and dedicated to providing authentic relationships with others as they deepen their relationship with God. The coordinator of Growth Groups is dedicated to providing a group experience to anyone who wishes to have one. God has created us with a need for community and that community is best achieved by belonging to a group of ten or fewer people in which all members develop a close, trusting relationship that allows folks to truly care for one another.

    You owe it to yourself and, more importantly, to God to be in such a group. The Reformed Church of Bushkill are a truly caring bunch of people. This statement has become a trademark of our congregation for some time now. We are blessed to be able to say that we have many people in our congregation who minister to the sick, depressed, lonely, and people who simply need a friend.

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    4. Christian Reformed Church Beliefs and Practices.

    We are blessed, also, to have a Congregational Care Ministry that has a few designated people who provide care on behalf of our church. These special people will make visits to hospitals, nursing homes, and houses of those who are in need or want of prayer or care.

    Some have had classes that have taught them to minister to and counsel those in need. Some will send a card or make a phone call.

    What Is the Christian Reformed Church (CRCNA) and What Do They Believe?

    Others are blessed with gifts such as the ability to cook or bake and will provide meals to those who are in need. The people who provide care in this ministry are called to take care of people, and they do their best to make sure that when they hear of someone in need, they respond with care and kindness. Our Congregational Care ministers do their very best to make sure that our congregation feels cared for. Our program is always looking for volunteers and donations.

    Beliefs | Reformed Church in America - About Us

    If you are interested, please contact us at your convenience. At The Reformed Church of Bushkill, our worship is an interesting amalgam of traditional Reformed liturgy and modern elements. We also follow the liturgical format that the Reformed Church has used for nearly years. This Reformed liturgy moves us through the drama and mystery of salvation each Sunday.

    He returned to heaven, having defeated death, and rules from there as part of the Trinity. We believe that God created the earth perfectly and that it was ruined by sin through the original disobedience of Adam and Eve. Our continuing sin separates us from God and results in death. Jesus died in our place; his crucifixion satisfies the need for justice and his resurrection defeats sin and death.

    Through faith in Jesus our relationship with God is restored.

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    This is a gift of grace freely given. We cannot earn salvation, we can only accept it. We believe our task is to reflect the love and grace of Jesus as we join God's work of restoring relationships, creation, and culture until the time God restores it fully and perfectly.