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Critics have often compared the treatment of the Orestes myth by Sartre with that of Giraudoux: The Flies is less concerned with literary aesthetics than Electre, and Sartre uses it as a vehicle to elaborate his existential principles. He criticized Giraudoux for portraying human essence as a fixed commodity as opposed to the act of becoming, and, in a series of essays on theater, he described what his ideas on the theater were in terms of life's everyday situations:.

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He was dedicated to a moral theater where there would be conflict in "the system of values, of ethics and of concepts of man" "Forgers of Myths, The Young Playwrights in France," in Theatre Arts, XXX, June , Theater must be seen as a religious rite where the dialogue should be dignified. There should be "a rigorous economy of words.

Three Plays: Volume 2 [Siegfried, Amphitryon 38, Electra] (A Mermaid Drama Book 0731)

Sartre addressed the issue of choosing one's essence: "Many authors are returning to the theater of situation. No more 'characters'; the heroes are freedoms caught in a trap, like all of us. What are the issues? Each character will be nothing but the choice of an issue and will equal no more than the chosen issue.

Hinweise und Aktionen

Each one, by inventing his own issue, invents himself. Man must be invented each day" Situations III, He argued that the bourgeois control of the theater must end, that it be freed to the rigors of criticism and challenge from different viewpoints. He stressed the significance of the act, saying that "action, in the true sense of the word, is that of the character; there are no images in the theater but the image of the act, and if one seeks the definition of theater, one must ask what the act is, because the theater can represent nothing but the act" "Beyond Bourgeois Theatre," translated by Rima Drell Reck, Tulane Drama Review, V, March , These characteristics are integrated into his plays, and each play tends to stress an individual component of his existential system while also underlining the action with his entire ideology.

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In No Exit, the specific idea stressed is: "Hell is other people"; in The Flies, the principal thought is: Only those people who choose, act, and accept responsibility can be free of "nausea," free of remorse, and free of the flies. Next Character List.

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Removing book from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title. Are you sure you want to remove bookConfirmation and any corresponding bookmarks? Sign In. Amphitryon : Jupiter oublie les montagnes.

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Une route de fer n'escalade pas les montagnes. Jupiter : Elle les percerait par des tunnels. Double allusion, ici : aux chemins de fer et aux premiers adversaires des chemins de fer. Les capitaines alors descendraient, et crieraient le nom de la ville ou du fleuve. Jupiter : Cherchons alors dans la marine.

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Amphitryon : Ce n'est malheureusement pas exact, Jupiter. La terre n'est pas ronde. Nous vivons dans un univers assourdissant de propagande politique ou publicitaire, nous sommes assaillis quotidiennement par l'insistance et la lourdeur. Giraudoux a connu ce sentiment. Le fil trop mince, trop tendu et de trop loin, se rompt. Telles les allusions, dans Combray, des tantes du narrateur. Elle tend vers plus de profondeur.

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