Beasts, Banshees & Bogeymen

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The bogeyman can take many forms, but their purpose remains constant: to scare the living daylights out of children and coerce them into good behavior.

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  5. The List of Mythical Creatures!

Though their portrayals will vary across culture — from brooding sexy ones in Twilight and Anne Rice novels to terrifying monstrous Count Orlok in Nosferatu — there are a few things that remain the same: vampires feed on the living to remain immortal, they avoid sunlight, and their hearts are vulnerable to sharp objects — you know, just like you and me. Often a metaphor for the dangers of sexual desire, vampires have remained firmly in the cultural consciousness for over a hundred and fifty years.

Looking for something new to read? Trust real people, not robots, to give you book recommendations. Jewish folklore has more than its fair share of creatures that will send chills down your spine. Perhaps none more than the dybbuk, the dislocated soul of someone deceased who has taken over a host body to complete unfinished business. Though one was featured in the opening scene of The Coen Brothers' A Serious Man , Dybbuks have recently re-entered popular imagination as the unlikely antagonist of rapper Post Malone. A female spirit whose haunting howls herald a coming death.

Perhaps the best known of the evil spirits in Indonesia and Malaysia, Pontianak is said to be the souls of women who died whilst pregnant. Be warned, if you smell their signature scent of frangipani, run away! Divorced from all semblance of their former selves and highly infectious, these shambling corpses have only one desire: to consume human flesh.

Where to find one: Take your pick, really.

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Now that we've ticked off some humanoid mythical creatures, let's head into the menagerie for some inspired by the animal kingdom. Cut off one head, and two more will take its place. This was the challenge that faced Heracles when he was commanded to slay the Hydra of Lerna, a many-headed beast, during the second of his labors.

The donuts, apparently, were really good. Part lion, part goat, part snake.

30 Mythical Creatures (and Where to Find Them) 🐉 | Reedsy Discovery

It seems entirely plausible that the chimera owes its existence to someone viewing three adjacent animals from far away — but who knows? The term chimera is now used to describe anything puzzlingly composed of more than one pre-existing thing. Where to find one: In J. Known for their ability to remain out of focus in photographs, they remain a point of fascination for real-world true believers.

As recently as February , retired baseball player Jose Canseco was selling tour packages to join him on Bigfoot hunts. Where to find one: Harry Turtledove published a series of short stories about Bill Williamson, the first bigfoot state governor. Despite to our knowledge having never existed, the dragon features in the mythology of numerous civilisations around the world — and is often used as a symbol of royal power.

In picture books for under-fives, the unicorn remains a popular central figure. Not content with just one power, certain myths also suggest basilisks have the ability to turn silver into gold. The legend of the Warsaw Basilisk saw the creature defeated by a cunning local doctor who created a suit made of feathers and mirrors. Where to find one: In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets , Harry has to defeat something called a basilisk, which in this case is just a giant snake.

Did Rowling think that a serpent with a chicken head would be too scary or not scary enough? Also featured heavily in royal heraldry, the creature is said to stem from Greek and Roman mythology. This Discworld take on vampire tropes features Hodgesaargh, a falconer who tries to snare a phoenix using a brightly colored bird puppet. With the body of a lion and the head, wings, and front feet of an eagle, the Griffin seems almost tailor-made for riding — were they not such temperamental creatures. Some versions of the griffin are known for jealously guarding gold much like their dragon cousins.

As a symbol, this majestic being can be seen in heraldry as well as in logos like that of Vauxhall Motors. He is quickly disappointed to learn that none of them are as wealthy as he had hoped, except for Elda — who happens to the daughter of a Dark Lord… and also a giant golden griffin. Despite, you know, logic, various professional expeditions have taken place using expensive equipment to seek out this urban myth. That and you probably remember this cartoon. When is a creature neither an animal nor a person? When they're a human-animal hybrid, of course!

An enduring motif in mythology across Europe, werewolves or lycanthropes , to give them their SAT name served a similar function to witches, as men were commonly hunted and executed in the belief that they transformed into ravenous creatures called werewolves. In more recent times, they have become the subject of classic horror films, and even the object of affection in certain corners of paranormal romance. With the bottom half of a goat and the top half of a human, Satyrs and Fauns are somewhat similar. That is, with the exception that Satyrs are a lot more interested in chasing women, while a faun is much more likely to invite you in for a lovely cup of cocoa.

Where to find one: Mr. With the top half of a human and the full body of a horse, Centaurs have long served as antagonists in Greek mythology, falling victim to classical heroes like Heracles and Theseus. Don't all speak at once! Limbo Stroll. Strange Bird. A Tale of old Flinders Street.

The List of Mythical Creatures

The Berserker. Norse Magic at the Swan pub. Zombie Tales. Two strange stories of the living dead. Railway Execution.

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Who is being fried in the subterranean chair? Flashing Blade. The story of a severed head. The Coven. Never, I repeat never, cross a witch Bloody Mary. A grim and gruesome tale from a glass. Lady Fontaine. The Tale of a high class Vampiress. The Doppelganger. The ghostly woman was thought-projected. The Clown. Gruesome case of a bisected clown The Gift. Little Folk. The Kensington Leprechauns.

Giant UFO. The colossal cigar-shaped craft seen over Edge Lane. Moon Prowler. The eerie stalker who goes by lunar phases. The Singer. She'd seen his face before.

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