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We care for our children like fragile porcelain figurines, trying to spare them every effort, until one day we realise that we have in our home a little, moody, rebellious tyrant. The aim of this book, in the form of short stories, is to help us to understand how certain difficulties in daily life are produced and how, even with the best of intentions, we contribute to further complicating matters precisely by some of our attempts to solve them. Marisol Ampudia has a doctorate in Psychology from the University of Barcelona. She is a member of NADOCAT, a professional association seeking to improve quality of care for newborn infants at risk from the start of life.

A short while ago, couples were set up with a pre-established script, which was to be followed to determinate concepts, regulations and even social rituals. However, in the current situation of social and personal instability —changes in moral criteria, laxity in commitments and focusing on selfish and hedonistic short-term goals— have introduced new variables and personal preferences in the making of conjugal bonds. This book is addressed to those who are perplexed about the meaning of life with a partnership.

It aspires to serve as a guide for them in order to make them able to achieve more knowledge of the cause, according to their own choices. It wants to convince that life in pairs is only the result of the choices that make the people within it. He also has long experience as an individual, group and couple therapist.

Among his publications, include The error of Prometheus, Prometheus on the couch and The process of becoming an autonomous person Herder Editorial. Pilar Mallor Plou Barcelona, is a psychologist and psychotherapist with a long professional experience in individual, group and couple therapy.


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She is the director of the Ithaca Center for Psychotherapy and author of publications on eating disorders, emotional dependence and couple therapy. Prometheus's Mistake. Psycho patho logy of moral evolution [El error de Prometeo. It was Zeus himself — as Plato tells us in the Protagoras — who had to remedy this error, giving them moral conscience to fulfil this function. Today, we can affirm that the appearance of moral conscience is not a divine gift, but follows an evolutionary process of construction in the different stages of psychological development.

This process has a cost in psychological terms, since combining self interest with the interest of others generates a certain structural tension in the system of moral regulation. This may result in personality or anxiety-depressive disorders. This book presents the vicissitudes of the human psyche from the evolutionary and structural perspectives of moral development. Manuel Villegas Besora is a doctor in psychology who has taught at the University of Barcelona since His teaching activity has focused on training and supervising therapists in Spanish, Latin American and Italian universities.

As director of the journal, Revista de Psicoterapia, since , he has made the publication a national and international point of reference in its field. He has extensive professional experience as an individual, group and couples therapist and is a member of the Spanish Association of Cognitive Psychotherapy, of which he was a founding member and president for more than a decade. It might be thought, initially, that they are only places of enunciation, positions of discourse that allow us to speak.

However, it seems clear that their essence is not limited to such mere facilitation. They are not, therefore, mere pronouns. What else are they? Put briefly, they are the refuge found in different views of the world. Being fully aware that to think is always to think in some place, the persons of the verb referred to here are different perspectives of reality. It is a question of showing how the world is seen — the ordinary world, the shared world, the world of everyone — from each of these places.

Author of some twenty books and editor of over a dozen volumes of collections, he is a regular contributor to the Spanish and Argentinian press and the SER radio station. Introduction and translation by Lola Ferre Vol. He is undoubtedly the most important and prolific author in the history of medieval medicine. His work, as varied and extensive as deep and interesting, has a great impact in the context of Jewish literature in general. This first volume includes two treatises: Regimen of Health and Treatise on Hemorrhoids. As in the other medical treatises, Maimonides does not limit himself to speaking here of specific ailments or remedies, but reveals at all times his conception of medicine in general and of medical praxis, in particular, being evident the erudition, intelligence and ethics of the greatest of the Sephardic savants.

This first volume includes the treatises entitled Regimen of Health and Treatise on Hemorrhoids. The treatises contained in the other volumes are: Treatise on Asthma vol. II , Commentary on the Aphorisms of Hippocrates vol. III and Medical Aphorisms vol. Specialized in Jewish Medieval Science, this edition introduces the Spanish-speaking reader to the medical works of Maimonides, one of the key figures of Judaism of all times.

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Treatise on Asthma was originally written in Arabic by a nobleman who suffered from this disease. It deals with topics such as diet, drink, mood disorders, evacuation, sleep, massage and sex. In the last chapters, Maimonides talks about the methods of healing, the composition of drugs and concludes with various recommendations on health.

For Maimonides, the disease of asthma lies in the brain and lungs, but it is bad habits, environmental conditions and the exacerbation of feelings the ultimate cause of their appearance. It is, therefore, a vision that integrates the body and the spirit, the man and his environment. Maimonides wrote his Commentary on the Aphorisms of Hippocrates about The commentary is preceded by an interesting prologue in which he explains the reasons that led him to write it: the importance of the author for his great wisdom; the difficulty of reading the work of Hippocrates, by knowing a series of premises that the reader does not know and, finally, because he considers that Hippocrates sometimes speaks in an unthinking or unordered way.

Hippocrates ca. With him began a new way of understanding health and disease as natural phenomena, placing reason as the main instrument at the service of man, in order to achieve not only health conservation, but also prevention and healing of disease. A Being of Mediations. An Anthropology of Communication, vol. I [ Un ser de mediaciones. I ] From the invention of writing to digital devices — by way of papyrus, parchment, print and the press, photography and film, television and radio — the media have moulded history.

However, such extensions of the senses, inherent in the process of civilization, are themselves an expression of a finite and ambiguous being to whom immediacy is forbidden: a being of mediations — natural and cultural at the same time — who becomes human through them. Conversely, they also call the attention of social scientists and humanists to the major role played by communication in all strata of life and history. In April , he was awarded the Sant Jordi Cross , the highest distinction conferred by the Government of Catalonia.

His works include the novel El horizonte ayer [Yesterday's Horizon] and the essay Literatura y periodismo. A Tradition of Promiscuous Relationships] His starting thesis is that what is really in crisis is the image of the Christian god. His arguments are not theological in the classic sense, since they do not talk about God, but about the way in which men speak of God.

Thus, in the field of his always original anthropology, he sets a series of questions to which conventional theology could not, perhaps, offer a response. The idea of God has become strange to us, since it has not been able to incorporate all the dizzying and disconcerting changes experienced by our world since the second half of the 20th century, and the emergence of radical evil in our collective history since Auschwitz. His criticism has even greater force as it is comes from within the Christian Church today, with a discourse that is a source of creativity and renewal, and that can be effective in providing new arguments and responses for the reinvention of the Christian god.

Stations in the Maze [ Estaciones en el laberinto ] On different, but deeply interconnected subjects, the seven essays comprising this anthropology share a basic interest: "Man's situation in the world" at the start of the 21st century. None of them refers directly to the critical — surely pre-war — situation of the present moment. However, allusions, indirect references and historical evocations permit a reconstruction of the stages in the path our culture has taken — and on which it continues —to reach this state of affairs.

Above all, however, it is a reflection on modern man's epistemological conditions and his capacity for expression through and beyond language. This commented edition in three volumes of the gospel of Mark represents the most profound, innovative and extensive commentary which the scientific exegesis has published so far. The authors of this book worked directly on the text of the gospel, analyzing each passage using tools and methods of modern text interpretation and narratology.

In their exegetic work the authors always considered the huge amount of implicit references to the Old Testament, being convinced that in the Old Testament lays the greatest key to a deeper understanding of the Gospel. This book is addressed to all kinds of readers. The intellectual reader, who has some knowledge of Greek, will have access to a huge amount of justifications and interpretations of the choices of translations, coming from around classical philologists.

The result of this current study is the discovery of a new and deep interpretation of the Gospel of Mark, offering unexpected and new aspects of this old text. He was an important theologian who innovated with his work the biblical exegesis. He had worked as a professor at various universities in the city of Rome. In , he moved back to Spain and started to edit and publish his translation of The Bible. His comments on the New Testament have been during many years one of the main pillars of the theology of liberation as well as a theoretical ground for the grassroots movements of Christian socialism.

Caring for Life. Bioethical debate [Cuidar la vida. This way of questioning involves dilemmatic approaches and disjunctive responses: yes or no, black or white.

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When the media discuss such questions, with public opinion extremely divided by political and religious ideological pressures, it is difficult to treat the problems with scientific and ethical seriousness. Any attempt to do so is exposed to sniping from both sides: to some critics it appears extremely progressive, to others it is disguised conservatism. Accepting this risk, and at the request of people interested in reading it, I have reviewed the form and filled in the background of the essays in this compilation of conversations on the theme of caring for life.

They come from two different sources of writings, produced largely in the last decade. Some are from specialist articles and papers, others from lectures, newspaper columns and round table discussions. Ultramodern Family Therapy. Therapeutical intelligence [ Terapia familiar ultramoderna. Along with some of the author's already-known concepts, like complex love and relationship nutrition, others are presented in orderly form to make up an original mosaic.

Thus, a systemic theory of personality appears. While the dysfunctional aspect of this theory is linked to psychological abuse, it also considers the relational bases of psychopathology, seeking to propose therapeutic strategies that are consistent both with these bases and with the personal resources of therapists themselves. Juan Luis Linares, a psychiatrist and psychologist, is a leading voice on systemic family therapy in the Spanish-speaking world. His written works include: Identidad y narrativa.

Family therapy in clinical practice], Tras la honorable fachada. Los trastornos depresivos desde una perspectiva relacional [Behind the Honourable Facade. Depressive disorders from a relational perspective], Del abuso y otros desmanes. El maltrato familiar entre la terapia y el control [Abuse and Other Excesses. Domestic abuse, between therapy and control]. Another theology is possible. Pluralismo religioso, interculturalidad y feminismo]. Religions, theology, spirituality, ethics and politics: these are the central themes of this book, which rethinks and reformulates the fundamental cores of the religions, especially Christianity.

He does so in an interdisciplinary dialogue, in the hermeneutic space of social movements working for "Another Possible World". Religions can no longer create a universal discourse out of the Western world view. The wish to impose the concepts of equality and freedom that arose from the European Enlightenment resulted in intellectual imperialism. In order to avoid this, Tamayo incorporates the category of multiculturalism, going beyond inculturation of faith and multiculturalism to develop a new paradigm: that of the intercultural and interfaith theology of liberation with a gender perspective.

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This is where this book's originality lies. He contributes to many Latin American and European journals on theology, social sciences and sciences of religion. A key figure in Liberation Theology in Europe, he has published more than fifty works, many of them translated into several languages. The present book is written in both a pastoral spirit and purpose.

Priest Rovira explains that he observes a current tendency in our society in which the Christian message is received as an interesting narrative that is related to truth but is no longer perceived as the truth. This book wants to modestly bring back parts of the probability of this original narrative. The author invites us to follow his arguments following him through passages of the bible.

The further we read, the more we discover the huge capacities of the Christian narrative to engage us, and to convince us of his absolute generosity. As we read, we re-discover what faith really means: to believe in the existence of God and to understand that he constantly communicates with us. That he knocks at the door of our hearts waiting for us to open up and let him in.

The Christian life turns out to be a secret encounter with God. This is the last Supper: a hidden feast with the most intimate aspects of God, A supper with Christ, in which he sits at the head of the table, being our servant. And his constant love is the meal of this banquet.

After being ordained in , the priest dedicated his whole life to the parochial actions. He was a senior professor at the Department of Theology of Catalonia , and member of various distinctive clerical boards. As an appreciation of his theological and cultural path the Catalan government honored him with the cross of Saint George in He is one of the principal representatives of modern Catalan theology and he published around one hundred articles and twenty books.

However, sometimes, an incident suddenly becomes an event of real importance. Unlike incidents, important events can form, transform and sometimes deform us. In the view of the author of this book, Auschwitz is an event that has broken — literally ripped up — 20th-century history. After Auschwitz, nothing, neither culture, art, literature, philosophy, ethics, or pedagogy, is the same as before. After the experience of the death camps, the horror of death in concentration camps, it is necessary to rethink everything. Auschwitz, however, is not only a historical event. Auschwitz is a symbol, a symbol of extreme evil, of the death factories that continue to exist in the world today.

He is the author of many essays. If we are finite, it is because we live in a state of constant farewell, and cannot control out desires, memories and forgetfulness, because ours is a world that never belongs to us fully, nor will it ever be wholly cosmic, ordered or paradisal. We are the result of chance and contingency and have no resort but to choose in the midst of terrible and painful uncertainty.

A finite life cannot escape the threat of chaos, nor will it be able to enter the gates of heaven. Being finite means that we cannot create our existence at will, because — like it or not — we receive an inheritance that obliges us to reposition ourselves constantly.

This work sets out some of anthropological scenes that make up our daily lives: experience, forgetfulness, evil, desire, pleasure, silence, etc. The philosophy outlined here tries to show the fragility and vulnerability of life, and to think about ethics and education from this perspective. Search this site. PDF Online. Analisis de proyectos de inversion PDF Online. PDF Download. Carnes y vegetales grillados PDF Online.

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