Immortality! When?

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Merkle, 65, said critics of cryonics are like those in the early s who believed mankind could never reach the moon.

He also notes that memory preservation occurs not just in the synapses, but also in the biological structures surrounding them. Some believe that we will one day extend our lives by merging with technology. Singularitarians predict there will be a theoretical future moment when artificial intelligence will overtake and either merge with or replace human intelligence. Scientists are currently trying to figure out how to assemble and preserve the connectome of a brain.

To this end, the Brain Preservation Foundation, of which Shermer is on the advisory board, announced a prize for companies that can figure out how to preserve brains and, by extension, their connectomes. In , 21st Century Medicine in Fontana, Calif. Shermer visited 21st Century during the freezing process and saw both the rabbit and pig brains in question.

While clearly fascinated by the topic, Shermer believes that too many factors need to come together for us to conquer mortality anytime soon. Read Next. Major outbreak of coral-eating starfish on Great Barrier R This story has been shared , times. This story has been shared 84, times. View author archive follow on twitter Get author RSS feed.

Immortality: When We Digitally Copy Our Minds, What Happens to Humanity?

Name required. Email required. Comment required. Enlarge Image. A few of the ideas being explored by scientists to extend life span toward immortality are cryogenic freezing, meshing human cognition with AI and even uploading thoughts. Nancey books view quotes.

Want to live FOREVER? You just have to make it to 2050

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Scientists Have Unlocked The Key To IMMORTALITY

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Digital immortality is death.

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