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Perry Rhodan books are part of a multi-author series originally published in Germany. See also collaborations which follow. Again: Atlan! Ace, Perry Rhodan Rhodan battles the immortal Atlan as the Solarian and Arkon empires clash again. Spies attempt to initiate a war between the Arkon Empire and the Solarians. Aliens attack Earth from a secret base on Pluto. Rhodan discovers that aliens have secretly infiltrated Earth in prepartion for an invasion. Space battles galore as aliens from another dimension invade. Brainwashed, Rhodan is tricked into instigating an interstellar war.

An immortal wakens from suspended animation to advise Perry on the future of the civilized universe. Perry Rhodan 7. The alien Topides are building a spacegoing fortress which Perry must destroy before they use it for a fresh attack. Perry attempts to save an entire planetary population from an impending nova of their sun. Atlan is an immortal space traveler who recalls in this episode his experiences during the last days of the lost continent back on Earth. A visit to a dangerous planet to find a cure for a mysterious plague. Intelligence agents vs an interstellar conspiracy.

Arkon discovers that a long dead race has left a booby trap to destroy their inheritors. An army attempts to break the stranglehold of a super computer with ambitions. Perry's adventure defeating a horde of killer robots. The first flight of an experimental star drive leads to adventure. A mysterious immortal figure arises from suspended animation and causes problems for Rhodan. Perry Rhodan 1. A human astronaut finds a mission from an alien race on the moon and maneuvers them into providing new technology to the human race.

Filmed as Mission Stardust. Perry Rhodan 2. With two alien passengers, Rhodan returns to Earth to force the nations of the world to forget their differences. Perry Rhodan 5. Rhodan leads a space fleet to the Vega system to defeat a horde of bellicose aliens. Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom Tor, Sendup of pulp SF. The captain of a sailing ship has a psychic power that enables him to sense the activities of denizens of the ocean.

A novel of first contact centered on the ocean.

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As civilization begins to collapse, a group of scientists work on a computer program so sophisticated that it may solve the question of human existence and the destiny of the species. The maiden flight of a steam powered nuclear aircraft. A sequel to Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy.

Young adult novel about a girl with an unusual implant. The alien mind creatures have been defeated for centuries, but now human greed and hatred have caused schisms in a colony world's society, and these tensions are opening a new gateway for the Mushin to return. An alien trainee undergoes rigorous challenges as he seeks to become one of the Questioners, the ultimate peacekeeping force in the universe. The inhabitants of a peaceful planet are suddenly beginning to turn on each other violently.

Although they are reluctant to seek outside help, the situation becomes so drastic that they finally call in the Questioners. A colony world has come close to developing the mental powers that will make them immune to the technology and violence of Earth. But at a critical moment, a warship from the homeworld arrives to cast into doubt the future of their society.

An alien seeks to settle the battle between two species who share a world, one as masters, one as slaves. And he would prefer to accomplish this without getting himself killed in the process. A peaceful colony world dedicated to mental arts must develop a defensive weapon against an armada of military warships sent from Earth to force them back into the fold.

Humans colonize a planet unaware of the fact that it is home to a discorporate life form that can infect humans and turn them to violence. Several generations later, one of those born on that world masters the mental arts that allows him to defeat the aliens. An encounter with a strange insect reveals to the protagonist that humanity is being monitored by an alien race, possibly as a prelude to invasion.

An alien civilization is facing destruction at the hands of the growing numbers of barbarian hordes when a ship from Earth arrives. Although some see this as salvation, others view the offworlders as even more dangerous than the local troublemakers. An experimental starship goes back in time to study a supernova, and one of its crew is driven mad by the discovery that the Earth itself is doomed.

An alien who resembles a squirrel is stranded in Alaska after his ship crashes. Although some humans befriend him and want to help him to return to his people, the government has a very different agenda. A collection of sometimes related stories. Includes the earlier collection of the same name. Best of James H. Collection of sometimes related stories. Magazine title The Tuvela. A woman survives the alien invasion of a colony world. Accompanied by three mutated otters, she manages to stay out of their clutches, and finds a way to communicate the situation to the offworld authorities in time for them to take countermeasures.

Collection of sometimes related short stories. A colony world that has split into two warring factions is menaced by a third force, hostile aliens. A man who has been a member of both factions proves to be the instrument of reconciliation. Collection of inter-related stories.

Magazine version A Telzey Amberdon novel. Telzey's encounter with an assassin who has psi powers doesn't dampen her enthusiasm for meddling in interstellar affairs, but then she discovers an alien race plotting to challenge humanity's place in the power structure. Ace, , as Legacy. A Trigger Argee book. A woman from the other side of the galaxy comes to Earth to solve an ancient secret that could menace all the civilized worlds. A Telzey Amberdon book. Collection of related stories.

Collection of related stories about a telepath. A Telzey Amberdon book and a Trigger Argee book. Magazine title was Undercurrents. The protagonist is a young woman with the rare talent of being able to read the minds of alien species. When she eavesdrops on aliens who are planning a war of interplanetary conquest, she suddenly finds herself being hunted through the stars. A sympathetic space captain rescues three young witches from their master and offers to take them to refuge on another world.

As they travel from world to world, he begins to regret his decision when they get him into increasingly difficult situations. A spoof of Presidential politics in the near future in which advertising becomes the most important part of the process. More prophetic than most SF. A Predator novel. A Navajo witnesses an alien hunter killing a friend, but interprets it as the return of a legendary creature killed by one of his ancestors. In order to survive, he decides that he must mimic the technique that worked so long ago. Quark is sponsoring a high stakes poker game, but one of the players is murdered.

The assassin becomes less significant, however, when Sisko learns that a mysterious power threatens the entire station. A Quantum Leap novel. Sam finds himself only a few years in the past, in the body of a man investigating the existence of the Loch Ness Monster, and also on a more personal mission. An Aliens novel. A team of marines travels to a prison world where the warden has gone insane and is breeding aliens in a secret colony under the prison. Diving Mimes, Weeping Czars Fairwood, Ancient manuscripts provide the key to the future. Under Nameless Stars Angry Robot, A woman sneaks aboard a starship to avoid her enemies.

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  • A brief nuclear war devastates much of the world, but in the aftermath, two individuals are born who have mutated and become more intelligent, more peaceful, and more admirable people. So naturally the rest of the human race decrees that they should be killed. Short story in pamphlet form about the sudden appearance of a dinosaur. Survivors of a disabled starship encounter danger on a mysterious derelict. Maul - Lockdown Lucas, A Star Wars Novel.

    Jedi warriors fight zombies. Ashes of Candesce Tor, The final confrontation in a pocket universe. Engine of Recall? When outsiders disrupt a Utopian world, one of its residents travels through space seeking help. Lockstep Tor, A boy wakes from suspended animation in a far part of the galaxy. A young woman fleeing an abusive brother finds what she believes to be a mineral rich comet, but which turns out to be a derelict alien starship.

    An unjustly treated officer seeks vengeance in a miniature universe. A woman struggles to survive amongst various artificial worlds. A new force threatens a world of weightlessness. In an odd, artificial world, a man seeks vengeance against the officer who commanded the army that conquered his nation. Adventures on a planet whose ecology is to be terraformed using nanotechnology. Inflation is out of control, the economy is failing, and law and order are beginning to disintegrate. The government decides to impose order through dictatorship, but one determined man organizes a rebellion to preserve freedom.

    Women are outnumbered seven to one in a future which has dissolved into brutal entertainment, casual acceptance of death, and other failings. One young woman decides to rebel against the system by creating a new art form. A Justice League of America novel. The Flash battles a villain even faster than he is. A mysterious force affects a starship and its crew. Explorers discover a race of diminutive humans living in the Australian outback. When rumor leaks out that their blood can restore youth to others, the race is on to protect them.

    A tale of scientific wonders. Two men battle over the fate of superpowers. The adventurers of a space traveling merchant who specializes in selling weapons to primitive planets. A gay Utopia. See also collaborations with Frank M. Armchair, , bound with Beyond Pluto by John S. The exploitation of an interstellar phenomenon to generate energy from Earth has a series of strange side effects, but the man in charge of the project is too egotistical to shut it down.

    Best of Thomas N. Doubleday, , Bantam, Gold Medal, , Coronet, A nuclear war wipes out all life on Earth. Survivors on the US and Soviet space stations combine forces to create a viable colony on the moon. Sphere, , as Project Dracula. An explosion destroys a germ warfare laboratory and releases a swarm of bats carrying a very deadly new form of anthrax. Project Dracula.

    See The Anthrax Mutation. Futuristic pornography. Patchwork Devil, The Titan, Sherlock Holmes meets Frankenstein's monster. A Small Soldiers book. Sequel to the movie, Small Soldiers. A young boy discovers an island inhabited by the self aware toys who survived the events in the film. Novelization for the film about two groups of toys who become self aware thanks to sophisticated computer chips, and set out to destroy each other. With the help of a time machine, a fan locates some topnotch players so the Cubs can win the series.

    Future war between England and Germany. While seeking a cure for cancer, a scientist develops a new virus that can melt the flesh off a human skeleton in a matter of seconds. A Stargate novel. The exploration of alien worlds is complicated by traitors within the group. A bounty hunter disrupts an interstellar research project. See collaboration with Robert Theobald.

    Futuristic satire featuring a woman of many talents in a bizarre version of our world. A would be game designer visits a planet that is dedicated to playing elaborate role playing games. She eventually discovers that the game is real, and that she's caught in a struggle between two intelligent species vying for galactic domination. An alternate history novel in which Alexander the Great turns his attention to Rome and launches a war that will change the course of history forever.

    An illusionist who travels from planet to planet, entertaining with her cybernetic tricks, inadvertently creates a true artificial intelligence. In order to navigate interstellar space, more sophisticated computers are installed. Eventually the border between machine and self awareness is passed, triggering a crisis in human society. Silence Leigh 3. A brilliant young woman with extraordinary powers must find a way to reach sequestered Earth in order to gain a starship command of her own. Silence Leigh 1. In a distant future when Earth has been lost, a new physics is discovered that looks very much like a form of magic.

    A young practitioner joins the crew of a starship in order to escape the repressive government under which she lives, and develops her abilities to manipulate this new force. An interstellar empire goes through a crisis when its leadership dies, and the struggle for power in the aftermath involves warfare as well as politics.

    A Star Trek: Voyager novel. The Voyager sends an away team to a mysterious planet that seems to promise great stores of supplies, but they get caught in a war with another race, and discover they can trust neither side in the conflict. The entertainment industry has gone high tech, but a couple of unconventional artists stumble across the dark truth hidden behind the media hype.

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    • Portrait dun indifférent (Littérature) (French Edition)!
    • A space opera involving a repressive planetary government. An interstellar salvage crew is hired to recover the cargo of a starship that crashes on an unpopulated world. The local lifeforms are hostile and deadly, and at least one of them has intelligence that rivals that of humans. And just to make things interested, the protagonists discover that their employers aren't particularly interested in having them succeed. An orphan searches for a future for herself in a future in which virtual reality is an everyday fixture.

      A pirate ship begins raiding shipping in the vicinity of the wormhole, endangering trade to Bajor. Sisko and the Cardassians agree to cooperate, but when hostages are taken aboard the raider, Sisko must find a way to force the Cardassians to break off their attack. Omnibus of the Silence Leigh trilogy. Although the human race has split into five separate genders, on one planet it is mandatory that everyone choose either male or female, and the ensuing tension disrupts the life of an attorney.

      Trouble arises on a colony world when the personality of a religious zealot is merged with that of a very advanced artificial intelligence. Silence Leigh 2. A young woman has mastered the new art of manipulating reality. She sets out to find lost Earth, which has been cut off from contact with the rest of the universe for many generations.

      A reformed hacker a century from now must track down the person who is impersonating her and committing computer crimes.

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      Two young game designers discover that someone is using their virtual reality system to commit crimes, so they immerse themselves to find the culprit. Pornography about three astronauts who waken from suspended animation to find Earth dominated by sex starved women. Conspiracy in a future when machines are sentient. Satire set in a future when household appliances have personalities. Lion, , as Doomsday. Society adapts to the advent of super weaponry. A human woman stranded on a planet of robots tries to prevent a war with an alien race.

      A journey underneath the Earth, followed by a trip to Jupiter. Future war novel. A Utopia inside a hollow Earth. We Band of Brothers , Jenkins, Future war. Three unusually bright children discover that they are part of an illegal genetic experiment. A sea monster menaces the world.

      Humorous novel about a man fearful of heights who finds himself serving as an astronaut. A pilot joins the space program and agrees to test fly an experimental new rocket that could give the US the advantage in space. Marginal thriller about a plot within the Pentagon to undermine the civilian government of the US. Thriller about a secret space project. Filmed as Countdown. A colony on Mars erupts in strife when a new leader decides to eliminate all Christians. China conquers all of Europe. A youngster is trapped when most of England sinks.

      She escapes gangs and other dangers by sailing away in a stolen boat, then finds herself on another island with even more dangerous inhabitants. Marginal story about future terrorists. SEE, N. Two divers discover a secret that takes them to Mongolia and a secret enclave of visitors from another planet. A young boy has gotten his wish and become a member of the Space Guard, but even as he is attempting to adjust to his new life, it will change again with the arrival of an alien race.

      A foundling wishes to escape into space, but there doesn't seem to be any way for him to get there. Then space pirates attack, and he's instrumental in defeating them, as a consequence of which he is admitted into the Space Guard. A Marvel comics novel. Iron Man and the Avengers are faced with a challenge from Ultron, an invincible super robot. In the future, the recent dead can be partially revived, their bodies fitted with control devices that turn them into organic robots.

      Or so it seems. If no memory remains, however, why is someone determined to murder a woman who is already dead? Novel, Novel, , as The Pleasure Mongers. Papillon, , as Mr. In a vanilla future world where everyone conforms to the rules, a robust and ribald man searching for sex upsets things. Red Rape!

      Headline, After the Communists conquer America, a group of victimized women escape into the wilderness and plot revenge against the invaders. See also collaboration with Robert Weverka. See also Ray Luther. An artist battles thugs in a post apocalyptic world. Matter duplication has become a reality, although it is very expensive.

      Supposedly there is no difference between the original and the copy, until one art dealer discovers that he can sense the difference merely by touching the two versions. A scientist inadvertently discovers a power source so potentially deadly that he is universally reviled by a world fearful of what it will mean in a future war. Silent Speakers. See Telepath. Dobson, , Panther, , as Silent Speakers. The protagonist discovers by accident that he has telepathic powers. Although he is initially frightened by the experience, he eventually decides to explore the possibilities.

      A scientist discovers that seemingly random strings of words from various sources are actually warnings being communicated to the world from an alternate dimension. The world is startled to discover that there are six children with such extraordinary intelligence that they appear to be more than human. Then people begin to fear that they are aliens, or a mutation that will wipe out its own race. Concealed pollution from a paper mill has caused a number of animal forms in Maine to become mutated. A handful of people are chased across a section of wilderness by an oversized, mutated bear.

      This is the screenplay of the remake of the classic monster movie. A feline alien tries to help a resident of a distant world escape his cruel master. A youngster wakes up in the morning to discover he is the only human in a world of intelligent dinosaurs. An intelligent cat from another world becomes stranded on Earth. Earth women are being kidnapped to the asteroid belt. Campbell Jr. Immaterial creatures begin kidnapping humans. An underground civilization on the moon. Monsters menace a civilization under the surface of the moon. Near future thriller about the disappearance of Air Force One during a crisis.

      Further efforts by aliens to save humankind from itself. Two humans are recruited by an alien organization seeking to prevent the human race from destroying itself. The son of a presidential candidate discovers that one of his father's advisors is actually an alien anthropologist studying the human race. An alien stranded on Earth temporarily occupies the body of a skunk. Befriended by some children, he finds is way back into space. An alien who looks like a skunk returns to Earth for some new adventures. A human child of a collaborator and the alien child of one of the conquerors of Earth overcome their dislike of one another to become friends and set in motion a change in the way the two species interact.

      Weirdos of the Universe Unite! Atheneum, Teenagers with very strange powers encounter avatars who warn them of an alien invasion. An inventor builds a spaceship and travels to the planet Venus where he has trouble with the local queen. Carcosa House, , as Edison's Conquest of Mars. A sequel to The War of the Worlds by H. Humans recover following the death of the Martian invaders, and now they counterattack. A rare new metal found on the moon becomes incredibly valuable.

      A scientist discovers that the Earth is about to pass through a cloud of water which will drown all of the land, so he builds an enormous ark. Marginal novel about a near nuclear war with China. Following an accident, a woman is reconstructed so that she can breathe underwater. She is then assigned to a waterworld to find some lost records. Instead she discovers that the corporation which she works for is engaged in illegal exploitation of the colonists and its own employees.

      Two youngsters are kidnapped into the future. A future history in which internal tensions within American society eventually lead to a break down of law and order and the collapse of the government. A genetically engineered plague begins wiping out all but a chosen few people scattered throughout the world. Popular Library, undated, as The Naked and the Damned.

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      The United States has been defeated and occupied, religion outlawed, civil order disintegrated, and the moral order fading. A madman plans to use the science of cloning to achieve world domination. Decade, , in slightly different form as Panic 7. A combination of ecological disasters and a new plague coincide with several other minor crises to set up what appears to be the end of the world.

      A satellite is launched into orbit by persons unknown, with a defensive system so advanced it cannot be stopped. It begins bathing the Earth with its secret ray, which renders women infertile. Also writes fantasy as Rosemary Edghill. A smuggler and a fugitive provide the unlikely combination that will defeat a power hungry politician who is prepared to launch an interstellar war to further his agenda.

      An interstellar smuggler returns a young man to his home world, where they both face the violent politics of his people, the mystery of the whereabouts of their artificial intelligence ally, and the risk of being murdered by one of their many foes. A space pilot befriends a fugitive and finds that they have accumulated a large and determined group of enemies. Capture means discovery of the fact that she has an advanced artificial intelligence aboard her ship. A plan to neutralize mutant powers appears to be part of a government program but is actually the result of a plot by a mysterious supervillain to eliminate the X-Men.

      Civilization has given way to barbarism in the future when a time traveler arrives from the present.

      Born Of Flame

      Marginal detective story about a missing scientific formula that provides the means for producing a new, inexpensive narcotic drug. Aliens attack Earth and lose. When a meteor dooms the Earth, civilization collapses. Interstellar travel invariably causes crews to go insane, until one daring adventurer makes use of a radical and dangerous new device to overcome the difficulty. Humans send a mission to an alien planet to negotiate friendly relations, but the envoys find themselves caught up in a war between surface dwellers and an amphibious race.

      A man whose brother died in Vietnam tries to prevent the war from happening by traveling back through time to prevent Oswald from assassinating Kennedy. Much to his surprise, changing the course of history turns out to be more complicated than expected. On the track of a missing starship, the Enterprise finds a lost colony that has made all works of fiction the ultimate crime. The local authorities try to purge the ship of "contraband", and the crew gets caught between them and the rebels attempting to overthrow their tyranny.

      Claim jumping on an alien planet. The protagonist has an almost psychic ability to see the solution to myriad problems. He is recruited by the government to go to Mars to investigate the disappearance of a small group of people, but his arrival is the catalyst for a startling change.

      Bread Crumbs [MAP's Night Off with Jasmine Joshua]

      Ultimatium in A. Armchair, , and magazine title The Programmed People. In a highly overpopulated future, one man and one woman learn the truth about the hospitals sprinkled about the world. They don't cure people; they euthanize them to reduce the crowding. A teenaged girl orders a duplicate herself from an intergalactic catalog. At first things go well, with the duplicate doing the things she dislikes or isn't good at, but eventually the copy decides to displace the original. For young adults. A scientist clones his dead twin brother and forgets to include a soul.

      The result — a monster that is eventually destroyed. Anti-scientific, anti-cloning nonsense. Spock is investigating the death of his father, who may have been murdered, and Kirk has come out of hiding to help track down the cause of a mysterious plague that is spreading throughout the Federation. A man with the power to mentally restructure time tries to find a place for himself in a fluid universe.

      Kirk and Picard investigate the apparent murder of Spock.

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      The Federation is faced with war against an alien race that has conquered galaxies. The adventures of young Kirk and Spock. The alternate Kirk from the mirror universe where he is evil crosses into our timeline and hatches a plan of interuniversal conquest. Kirk teams up with Picard and his old crewmates to defeat the invasion. The protagonist just wants to be a citizen of the Confederation of stars, but he discovers that there is a dark secret wrapped around his birth and finds himself a fugitive. William Quick. A man with genetically enhanced superpowers must stand between the world he has vowed to defend and an alien fleet determined to destroy the planet.

      Probably Chris Henderson. Things were just starting to look up for Mars under a new political leader when an old rivalry with a powerful Earthman threatens fresh chaos. A career diplomat is sent to Mars to negotiate an end to a strike by miners, but he discovers instead an unrest that could lead to an independence movement and interplanetary war.

      In the alternate universe where an evil version of Kirk exists, the good one is seemingly overpowered by his variant self, but is actually preparing to transform the other reality. A man with extraordinary mental powers has survived numerous dangers in the past. Now a space captain, he uncovers a plot to limit humanity's expansion into space. Kirk and Picard are forced to act as a team when the Voyager appears to have returned to the known universe, though without half its crew.

      Two alien empires, fearful that the human race is about to make an evolutionary leap forward, secretly form an alliance and prepare for war. Ron Goulart. The detective protagonist must once again clear an innocent man, in this case his boss, who has been taped committing a murder even though he was not involved. An American detective travels to London to search for his missing son, and finds himself caught in yet another plot involving high tech crime.

      A tough detective takes on a case involving an artificial plague and android assassins. Our detective hero must discover who murdered one of his old associates, because his son has been accused of the crime and has an inadequate alibi. Enquire accommodation Search vacancies Book now. Please select arrival date and nights. Rooms Search vacancies. Occupancy 2 - 6 adults , 0 - 4 children Rooms 2 Bedrooms 1.

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